Alternative Approach to Life by me

Like we see God in a Mother’s form… same way is doctor too!!

If doctor’s treatments does not yield proper or positive results, we should not leave hope n instead grow our belief in the almighty still more stronger for our mind to be.. We can find out a way to come out of it!! There is a saying that “If one door is closed, there is another door opened out for sure”.. So believe in yourself and your belief in god stronger!!!

At this time, crafts give a new lease of life to me which i had been practising for more than 5 yrs now…. that too in various forms.. Still interested in learning more!!

Hope to learn more n waiting for more merrier moments to come!!!

Slow n steady my wishes come true in my personal life too!!!

Wish am able to achieve things in life!!

Hope the almighty makes me more stronger to face the toughest situations also…

Happy that i resumed back blogging…Also feel gud that am able to take things in a easy way instead of cry, brooding over etc….

Thanks to the whole hearted support given to me by each n everyone in my family!!!!



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