Happy Diwali 2013


A Festival of Lights,
Where good wins over evil,
Story of Narakasura comes to mind
for diwali each year…

All the memories of yesteryear’s diwali
comes to mind,
Where some would not go near crackers

but would enjoy seeing others
bursting crackers…..Home full of friends n relatives
Amidst tv programmes,Eating different kinds of sweets….

Stomach getting full in minutes,
After effect -Indigestion,

Also a full day of noise pollution,
What fun those days were!!

Lovely, Lovable memories….

Wishing one n all a Very Happy Diwali 2013!

This year i made

1.Thengaipaal muruku-courtesy: Jeyashri’s kitchen

2. Ompodi – Courtesy: Jaya tv cookery programme

3. Oats Laddu- Courtesy: Padhu’s kitchen

4. Atta Laddu- Courtesy: Sharmi’s Passions



Feeling gud that i was able to make all these this time!!! Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, safe n memorable diwali 2013!! Have a great time friends…..Njoi!!!


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