A Very Short temple visit to Palani n Tharaapuram

After a long time, am writing a travelogue- A very short trip to Palani.

On Nov 22nd night, we started(me, raghu. mom n dad) around 9.30pm and landed in palani around 7.10 am in railway feeder road palani near KPN office the next day. Then we were escorted to a hotel where we are supposed to stay! The hotel where we stayed is  “Vasantha Bhavan – Abirrami Residency”. We had a comfortable stay there except for the fact that it was little far from the temple.

After we entered the hotel, we had our bath and got ready by 8.30 am. Then we started to temple in a auto. While climbing up, we went through   யானை வழிப் பாதை. We carried a small pot of milk, and another pot of curd while climbing up for abishegam. At around 10.15 am we reached the temple.Then we went in 100 rs. queue. Since we did  abishegam, we were allowed to sit for 5-7 mins. After the darshan, we came downwards thru ropecar. Then, we went to our place to take rest.

In the evening, we went in a car to a temple named periyavudaiyar thirukkovil.

 அருள்மிகு பெரியாவுடையார் திருக்கோவில்

அருள்மிகு பெரியாவுடையார் திருக்கோவில்

Its a sivan temple. We had pongal prasadam there and then slowly started towards thaarapuram anjaneyar temple which was 40 kms from palani. The full name of the temple is “Kaadu anumantharaya swami temple”.

 அருள்மிகு காடு அனுமந்தராயச்வாமி திருக்கோவில்

அருள்மிகு காடு அனுமந்தராயச்வாமி திருக்கோவில்

We had a superb darshan there. We prayed for everyone’s well being. Since it was saturday, had a lot of rush in the temple. Inspite of the rush in the temple, we had a good darshan there. Then on the way we had our dinner and came back to the hotel peacefully. The next day, me n raghu alone went to the temple again to have a darshan. We climbed upwards through யானை வழிப் பாதை.

அருள்மிகு பழனியாண்டவர் திருக்கோவில்

அருள்மிகு பழனியாண்டவர் திருக்கோவில்

We both enjoyed climbing up.. We had a darshan for 2 secs only in rajaalangaram. the same 100 rs queue. Same way, while coming down also, we came thru the same way!! We had a great time!!

Then after returning from the temple to the room, we visited the nearby shops for timepass. After that, as usual took rest.. Then in the night we started our journey back to chennai. On the whole, it was a relaxing 2 days short temple visit trip to palani..

இரவு ஒளியில் பழனியாண்டவர் திருக்கோவில்

இரவு ஒளியில் பழனியாண்டவர் திருக்கோவில்


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