A Deed of Blessed Creation to the kids of an Orphanage

Yesterday when i woke from short afternoon nap, a sudden thought striked me. Why can’t I donate earrings made by me to the kids in a orphanage. Immediately i discussed it with my hubby and took action to fulfill the thought which striked me. Then, purchased the wanted materials and packed it in covers separately. Then conversed with the orphanage people and fixed an appointment with them today evening. Spent awesome 30 mins there. I had taken most of the earring collections, bangles, hairpins, color pencils. This is the first deed after having started my home business. Our small gesture towards them brought an immense pleasure in their faces..  The pleasure enjoyed with them was priceless. Felt satisfied on seeing their faces. I handed over personally each kid a pair of earrings and other stuff. So happy to be with them. A evening spent in a whole hearted way. Hope to do more such acts in future. Thanks to the Almighty for giving me such an opportunity.The orphanage details are as follows: UDHAVUM ULLANGAL, located at West Karikalan street,  Adambakkam, Chenna 600 088. Near St.Thomas mount railway station.

With the tiny tots in Udhavum Ullangal

With the tiny tots in Udhavum Ullangal


4 thoughts on “A Deed of Blessed Creation to the kids of an Orphanage

  1. This place especially, is so nice and you realise the same kind of happiness you realise after hearing a good song or watching a nice movie. Udhavum Karangal Vidyaakar is someone who doesn’t amass wealth for himself in the name of charity. Such simple acts (as Vidhya here narrated) which do not cost a fortune (say like, donating used clothes in good condition, motivating colleagues and collecting a small amount like say, Rs.50 or 100 per month and donating it to some caring charity organisations like UK which do not publicise what they do much) give meaning to our lives. After all, we all have become so selfish and self centred, it’s time we give back some little thing to society too… Good work Vidhya! Keep it up! Your writing such deeds, really motivate people like me to do more….

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