My first post for 2014 – Happy Pongal/Makara Sankaranthi

Wanna how we dreamt of life? And in Realisation, how it is turning out…
What a great difference for ppl like me – certain things is in the creator’s hands which we cannot say anything about!!
He is the sole authority!! I thank God in many ways-1.Thru classical music 2. Thru art 3. Thru household works.
4. Thru books – And many more…since my interests keep multiplying manifold, i do not find it tough to run the time
Else, i cannot think how my life would have turned out..

Cross stitch- which was a hobby i just took that stitch for my earning since
many of us in india are unaware abt that stitch. Arts n crafts awareness is there
but as far as cross stitch is concerned, the awareness is zero…

I feel that i wanted to take that stitch/awareness about the stitch to next level.
So, planned to do valentine day tags n lots more to go.. hope slowly i achieve
and establish things in spreading the awareness for the stitch!!

With this stitch we can do wonders. Very easy to learn also.. It can be learnt in a day also!!

Writing is one of my passion too.. Have visited many places also in these many years.. Starting from
Dubai, Muscat, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia, Kodaikanal, Now-In coimbatore..
Yet, many more places to visit.. Happy to have a nomad life… been wandering to places…

Visiting many people, their culture and tradition.. It’s an interesting part of having a nomad’s life..
Having in touch with my school, college, colleagues and other friends from places where i have lived..

And new friends added to the list.. Feel good about it!! So happy to be in touch with them through social networking sites!!

Also, i think Life is a learning journey- From each people we meet, we learn a tiny bit atleast i feel..

Finally – Wishing everyone a very happy makara sankaranthi! Enjoy n have fun folks…
See you in next post!!

Below Pic Courtesy: Google



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