My Trial Version Of A Potli/Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag
Goodie Bag


Potli Bag
Potli Bag

After ages, started to sew again… few years back, i learnt some
embroidery stitches… after that i have taken the needle n thread now only.. This is just a trial version of the bag… Lots of ideas coming….
With more combos to create…Β  All will be unveiled in due course of time.
I tried this bag with the help of this tutorial…

You can check out this page for details. Lovely bag they have created.
I have done this bag in a extra blousebit lying in my house….
Happy to take this as an initiative to start with such a bag….

Hope my outcome has come out in a decent way… Hope to bring more
colorful creations soon!!

Right side pic is the full picture view…..


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