Travel Along….

After a very long gap, started my travel schedule for continuous 3 days…
On 2nd June, started the travel around 6.30 am. Our first visit for the day was a temple in Aanaimalai-Masaaniamman temple. It was 60 kms from our place. It is 15 miles away from pollachi. We reached there in one hour time.


masaani amman
masaani amman
masani aman temple
masaani aman temple

////A small history of the temple. Source: Google

Masaniamman Temple is situated at a distance of 15 miles away from Pollachi. This sanctified shrine attract large number of devotees. The idol of Masaniamman is very powerful one and offer blessing to all devotees who have a stunt belief in her. Devotees also expect that Goddess will respond their prayer within three weeks.

Merchants meeting loss in their business, people hassled by enemies, women or men who lost their belongings take bath, sport holy ashes of the shrine, grind red chillies in stone grinder of the temple, smear the paste on stone of Justice called ‘Neethi Kal’. In the sanctum, the extensive image of Masaniamman lying on her back measures about 15 feet long from head to foot.  The gigantic image of Masaniamman is painted with flashy colours.
Here, one can see Goddess Masaniamman in the lying posture. The idol has four hands, two hands placed on the ground, two hands raised above.  While the top left hands hold a skull and snake and other two hands holding drum and a trident.

On Tuesdays and Fridays devotees rush to this temple, during Krithigai and New Moon day they undergo special pooja.

There is a historical background for the configuration of this powerful temple. Anaimalai, a place near Pollachi was ruled earlier by the king called Nanan. He treated their people very badly. During his reign he had a very big mango tree in his farm on the riverside of Aaliyar, which was very special to him. He was so particular that nobody was permitted to use neither mangoes nor its leaves.

Once,a gang of girls went to river to take bath they noticed a mango floating on the river which belongs to Nanan’s tree, one of the girl picked up and ate the fruit. Even after several pleadings made by her father, instead of excusing her the king sentenced her to death.

After some time villagers in that area formed a female statue in lying posture using sand in graveyard with the remembrance of innocent girl and worshipped as ‘Masani’. Later Kozhinkhosargal defeated king Nanan and destroyed the mango tree.

It is also believed that Lord Rama on his way in search of Seetha was attracted by this powerful temple and made meditation over here which adds glory to this temple. So, once you visit Pollachi don’t miss to worship Masaniamman.////

My Experience:

When we visited the temple, i felt the posture of the deity was very different. yet, a powerful deity. Had a good darshan since we went on monday.  We need to avoid tuesdays n fridays to that temple since heavy rush is expected on those days!! Felt like we can keep on seeing the god over there..

After the temple, we started towards monkey falls nearby from there. in btw, there was a dam called ALIYAR DAM.

aliyar dam
aliyar dam
monkey falls
monkey falls

We just saw that from one end and continued our trip towards monkey falls.We need to get an entry ticket to the falls. Much water was not there. Compared to the time we entered and started back from there, the water volume raised. And water tasted too good. We had a great time at the falls. Then from there, we continued the journey to thirumoorthy falls n a small temple of brahma vishnu sivan- in the front side of the falls.

thriumoorthy temple n hills
thriumoorthy temple n hills

On the way to falls, we saw thirumoorthy dam also. As usual water was not present that much in the falls. Compared to monkey falls, the water volume was very bad here. Just at the side ways of temple, we need to walk around 15 mins to reach the falls. It was a different experience. Then, we just had a look at the vedathiri maharishi’s place… Since entry ticket per person was rs.50/-. Felt it too costly… so, we skipped it!! hope to see someother time that place….
While returning from there we visited Eechanari pillayar temple… wow, it was a magnificent ganesha.. loved it.. Great temple for ganesha lovers….

eechanari ganesha
eechanari ganesha

Finishing all these places, we reached back to our place at 3pm.. Also, travel n music go hand in hand… Being ilayarajas bday, heard wonderful songs in the radio city celebrating 70th bday of maestro. so, 70 hrs of non-stop hits of  Ilayaraja…

June 3rd- A Day in Ooty!!

We started around 6.30 AM  to ooty. long back, i had visited that hill station. So, i did not have an idea abt that place. there was ghat section for abt 40-50kms which i was not aware of. I had visited wayanad n kodaikanal. i did not have these kinds of probs. So, had all the travel sickness climbing up a hill. but, inspite of that njoyed the trip
which is most essential. What a change in climate… Such a chill n cool place..
We reached Doddabetta peak around 9.30 AM. After visiting that we went to rose garden. loved the colors


Rose flower speaks
Rose flower speaks
Lovable colors of roses
Lovable colors of roses

of roses available there. There were so many colors. Many light, dark and contrast colors were seen. spent a lovely time there amdist nature. Then we went towards boating. We all sat in a motorboat and went around the lake. it was around 15 mins drive!! Finally, reached botanical garden. Had a good time roaming around the garden. it was just few days after the flower show was over, we went there. So, they had kept all the arrangements as such without disturbing. it was a feast to our eyes!!

botanical garden
botanical garden

Then, we started to come down around 2.15pm and reached down the hill arond 4.30pm… It was a thrilling experience having to and fro travel sickness climbing up n down the hill.. I enjoyed every bit of it after a long time… We reached our abode by evening 6.30pm. Exact 12hrs of travel along with our songs!!

June 4th- 3 Temples visit

We started at the same time today also -6.30AM. We first started towards Maruthamalai.

perur sivan temple


After shifting to coimbatore, this is my second visit to that temple. Felt very happy. The steps to be climbed was not that much. Very less steps compared to other places. On seeing pancha mukha pillayar felt too gud. there was no crowd today. we were the first to see the deity in free darshan. Had a gud time there. Then, we started towards Perur(Sivan temple). Had a nice darshan there. it was crowded there since it was a subhamuhurtham day.
finally visit of the temple for today was isha yoga dhyanalingam temple at the bottom of velliangiri hills.the temple is 30 kms from Coimbatore. The founder is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

isha yogic temple
isha yogic temple


The place has developed a lot compared to the olden days when i had visited the same place in 90’s. Before, only the dhyanalingam  was there. But now, they have kept a lady deity named linga bhairavi. Also, there are separate bathing places for ladies and gents. For gents, it is suryakshetra, and for ladies it is moon(chandrakshetra). new rules n regulations have sprung up to be followed there!

I like their way of preaching meditation. For people to know more abt this temple, am attaching a video.

Moreover, all the three temples are in the same route. so, we can finish it in half a day’s time… Also,at isha yogic temple, we get very good vibrations..

Successfully finished the travel for 3 days. Nice songs to accompany! Felt very nice and rejuvenated after this trip!! my aunt and their daughters had come for a vacation to my place. I accompanied them to all the places mentioned above…

Do excuse me if anything is wrong… few of the places are very new to me!!


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  1. hi dee nanna irukku to read through all of it. i especially liked all the google details on the amman temple. 🙂

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