An Article on Tribal Art

While browsing through newspaper supplement  FRIDAY REVIEW 3rd page, (HINDU,Coimbatore Edition), just found this article interesting related to crafts.
dated 13-6-2014.


Gond is their comunity name. She is the first woman to hold a brush, canvas and

acrylic paints in her community.

It’s a tribal/Gond painting practised by Kala Bai Shyam. She is an Adivasi. She designs
chunky necklaces, bracelets, armbands, anklets etc.. Also she does painting too. They
have settled in bhopal. They have a son and a daughter. Her son has just finished Xth and
helps them in business. Her daughter has signed up for Ph.D. in fine arts. Felt great.
She conducts workshops and conducts classes for kids and adults too! Her husband is a prominent gond painting artist today.

The lady has told the painting does not cater to modern taste but still people
buy our paintings for what they are. She has also said: “thanks for the govt support
and help from organisations such as SPIC MACAY”. She wishes that this art lives for
a long time to come.

Liked the lady’s attitude for the survival of their art.. that made me to share the article!

Also, i found this painting to be a different one than the other paintings we do…..

Kala Bai Shyam

Kala Bai Shyam


Gond/Tribal painting

Gond/Tribal painting

Attaching the lady’s pic and the gond painting by them.

Courtesy for the pics: THE HINDU


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