Crocheted Potli Bag

i have a craze for potli bags… from a long time… after knowing that i can do it in crochet, i started trying it from long back browsing for suitable patterns and learning the stitches etc.. Finally, i landed in meladora’s Wavy Stitch Draw Bag.. Loved the design very much.. so immediately started hooking it!! So, here comes the pics of the bag i crocheted.. i crocheted with beads too… happy with the outcome!! hope to do much more lovely creations like this in future. also learnt new stitches for these, double crochet cross over stitch n decrease of double crochet stitch.. fun learning those.. Also, i just found this pattern very interesting!!! This can be used as a small carry bag too.. Kids will love it for their cute tiny things to be taken care of safely.


Potli Bag

Potli Bag

Potli bag one side

Potli bag one side

Potli bag

Potli bag

I followed this pattern…hope you all will also enjoy this pattern…




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