Embroidered Ganesha- Vinayak Chathurthi SPECIAL

Lord Vinayak/Ganesh/Pillayar – Hindu God.  He is considered as the remover of  obstacles.

He is the most favorite god to many from kids to elders… This year chathurthi is going to be celebrated on aug 29th 2014- coming friday.. Wishing everyone a very happy vinayak chathurthi 🙂

This festival is celebrated in an elaborate manner in different parts of India.. To know more about the origin of festival n story, you can refer this link:


This year, i wanted to do something different for one of my favorite God Vinayak. So, i tried this embroidered vinayak with minor kundan decoration.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

i drew it on a lining cloth and embroidered on it…  How has it come folks?



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