Navarathri/Dussehra Return Gifts

Feel good that i was able to do atleast few pencil/pen pouches and potli bags as return gifts for this dussehra!! Here are the pics for your view… Do look and give your valuable feedback folks… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ For making potli bags, i referred this link:ย

Potli bags/Goodie bags can be used as thamboolam bags where we can insert a blousebit n other small items and given to the guests… Had fun time making these!!!

Pencil Pouches
Pencil/Pen Pouches

2 thoughts on “Navarathri/Dussehra Return Gifts”

  1. call it a pen pouch as sharper leads or compass like things may pierce through. `seems like, we’re rewinding to old days…. the bags u showed here and the ones sold in shops to keep headphones, etc, pretty much resemble the `surukku pai’ of olden days….

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