Pollution Free Diwali-Do Think of it Folks!!

This post/thought was ignited by a friend of mine Mr. Ramachandran. Thnks to him!!!

Diwali – A Festival of Lights

Diwali to me in early days- i was the one who do not go near the crackers that much.. As days passed by, i too burnt crackers but not in a large scale, only few. Then, that interest of burning crackers also did not last long… slowly back to square one of no crackers. Also, of late environmental awareness is on the higher side since air pollution/noise pollution is on the increase on Diwali day.

Moreover,as an educated society with an increased awareness of global warming, pollution and the involvement of young children in the making of crackers, people must give a second thought to bursting these non-biodegradable fireworks. Firecrackers contain harmful chemicals which lead to respiratory problems and skin infections. The decibel level in most Indian cities during Diwali could beat many warzones hands down!!! If you have to fire crackers, switch to noiseless crackers that give out less smoke.

Use sparklers and fireworks which give out more light than sound. Remember the good people of Ayodhya did not have ear-splitting ‘Laxmi bombs’ to welcome Lord Rama!!! They illuminated their houses with Diyas or handmade festive lamps. Lighting up houses with scented candles, decorative diyas and eco-friendly earthen lamps can be a good and smart idea especially during these times of economic recession. If you are indeed keen on sending your money up in smoke, visit an orphanage instead, with your kids and gift them something special this Diwali!!!! The joy of giving and spreading light will fill you and your family with an inner peace that is more powerful than the sound of the “10000 Ladi”.

Also, we can think of five principles of nature conservation:
To be able to conserve our natural environment it is important to keep in the following principles –
Reduce : the amount of things we use
Reuse : the things we have in different forms until we have absolutely no use for them
Recycle : items that are no longer functional.
Rethink: the choices we make when deciding to buy something and
Refuse : things that we do not need at all.

So this Diwali, before you buy something new apply the above five principles and only then pay at the counter!

Last, but not the least high consumption of electricity:
The festival of lights puts a considerably heavy load on electrical energy sources that are already overloaded. The use of electric lights to adorn homes, business establishments, monuments and roads requires a huge amount of electricity. The older tradition of burning oil lamps is a possible alternative to electric lights – even though it does use oil, the duration of the lamps is shorter.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Source: Internet n Google

We can donate clothes, money to an orpahange or old age home on this wonderful day to bring a smile on a unknown face. Their soul would bless you for a great life further!!!

Kindly do rethink and act wisely…  Have a pollution free diwali 2014 folks!!


6 thoughts on “Pollution Free Diwali-Do Think of it Folks!!

  1. We have completely given up crackers to do our bit to save “Mother Earth” and not to further damage the Ozone layer. There’s an awareness though! wish, it spreads further. There’ll always be a counter argument by some people who’d argue, “What about the lives of people who survive on crackers business in Sivakasi and elsewhere?” These factories do not depend on huge investments and while comparing to the larger risks and ill effects involved, this argument doesn’t hold good. For the sake of people, who do business on pavements and on the edges of the roads, can we give away the pavements and roads to them? They need to find an alternate means or government needs to provide them with an alternative rather than turning a blind eye towards everything with a short sight and an eye on the vote bank alone….

    Keep posting many such articles on public interest Vidhya!

  2. Even the sparklers, flower pots, etc., which do not pollute the ambience with unfair noise, do pollute the atmosphere with their sulphur and other contents. Let’s shun the crackers altogether and let’s not compromise a wee bit. Let diwali be truly a festival of lights befitting its name and let’s celebrate it lighting up moderately with lights, sharing sweets, wearing new robes, etc, not abusing nature anymore.

  3. I love deepavali and I love all our cultures and traditions and everything that comes with it. At the same time I don’t subscribe to the fact that we need to keep toning down how we celebrate our festivals and rituals. If there are minors and children who are used to make firecrackers let’s abolish that. Instead why should we be asked to change our customs? The other religions are not told to stop anything why only Hindus? First we were told not to make pop Ganeshas, then we were told we cannot play loud Hindu songs in temples, then we are told we have to give up fireworks because it’s pollution. Actually sulphur dioxide from fireworks is NOT an allergen. There is pollution every single day when people smoke and because of emission. One day of Diwali celebrations does not do life threatening damage. At the same time let’s not forget that we ALL have the responsibility to keep our environment clean every single day. This is my two cents.

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