Candle making -Christmas and New Year Spl 2014/2015

Towards the year end, a new craft coming from my side.

A long time wish of candle making fulfilled for this year for
christmas and new year spl. I tried it with gelwax candle making
kits. Was pretty easy though.Gel wax candles gives aqua marine
effect since we have added shells in it.. Looks lovely!!

For guidance, you can check it with “GEL WAX CANDLEMAKING” youtube videos. Sure, it would help a lot. Very first try. Hope the outcome is decent too!!

Candles getting ready to lit
Candles getting ready to lit
View of the candles lit
Another view of the candles lit

Wishing you all a very happy christmas and new year holidays… Enjoy folks. Have a wonderful new year ahead πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Candle making -Christmas and New Year Spl 2014/2015”

  1. romba romba azhaga irukku vidhu….i will remember this or definitely take your help next time when i light candles during diwali time….super!!!!!!

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