Last Trip of 2014

Today early morning, 6.30 am we started to bannari on mysore road. On the way to bannari,
we visited mondipalayam srinivasa venkatesa perumal temple..To know more abt this temple, refer the link

Mondipalayam perumal temple

Mondipalayam perumal temple

Then we had breakfast in balaji bhavan and then headed towards bannari.On the way, we saw bhavanisagar dam. water was not there.

BhavaniSagar Dam  View 2

BhavaniSagar Dam View 1

BhavaniSagar Dam View1

BhavaniSagar Dam View2

Yet, it was an awesome view.

we reached bannari temple by 9.30 AM. The deity was small but so beautiful.

Bannari Amman Temple

Bannari Amman Temple

we had a very calm atmosphere in both the temples and had very good darshan. Bannari temple was very spacious.

To know more abt bannari temple, refer

Then, we saw kodiveri dam. To know more abt this dam refer

Kodiveri Dam View 2

Kodiveri Dam View 1

Kodiveri Dam View 1

Kodiveri Dam View 2

Also, we came to know we can travel to mysore from sathy or sathyamangalam through ghats section of 29 hairpin bends (courtesy info: meenaprakash). Then, the kodiveri dam was very nice for sight seeing. There was not much flow of water but yet it was enough to bath. so, we had a gud time there.. It was great fun to play in water.nearly we spent 1-1 1/2 hours there. Had really a great time!!!

This is the first trip where we saw on both sides fully lushy greenery… it was awesome to watch!! Knowledge sharing of routes that sides with the person who drove n mountains in the view… Enjoyed n very happy 🙂

Mountain enroute sathy

Mountain enroute sathy

After that we headed towards coimbatore which is our destination…..

Wishing one and all a very happy, prosperous n peaceful 2015! have a great week ahead friends 🙂


4 thoughts on “Last Trip of 2014

  1. hi dee vidhu, nice pictures….and yes keep posting like this…supera irukku padikkaradhukku….as u had mentioned bhavani sagar dam indeed looks so beautiful in your snaps….

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