Handmade Quilts from Recycling

The thirst for learning crafts is a never ending saga….

Handmade quilt

Handmade quilt

I made this from recycling of old sarees n duppattas.. This is the first trial of making quilts… When i was searching for quilt making, the lady in the below video inspired me a lot.. In what a speed n perfection she was making  the quilt… Just loved it…


Eventhough there are minor faults here n there, hope to improve a lot in future projects…. here comes the pic of my quilt which is a small size.. Ht-38 inches and width– 41.5 inches.. Felt good on finishing this project since am sewing after yrs………………….Such a soft cotton quilt.. can be used for new born- 2 yrs  bedding needs depending upon their height!

See you all in next post… Happy days till then!!



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