Avani Avittam

“Happy yajur vedha avani avittam folks”


Source: Wikipedia…

Just thought why i put a halt to my writing skills…

Being an auspicious day, wanted to kick start it again whenever i find time!! Also,  i do not have many persons to share it with, so write and blog it whenever time permits!!

During festive times, one would always love to eat especially the delicacies you make.. When there are people around to eat the things you make, who would hesitate to make them a good deal of dishes. so tried ulundu vadai and appam. I do not mind abt the shape it turned out.. No rule that it should be like that.. So just accepted the way it turned but all tasted good.

happy that i tried out… hope to practise more…here comes the pics of appam n vadai

Appam n vadai

Appam n vadai

Happy festive days folks…. have a great time!!


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