Ideas to keep myself inspired always

I have seen few fb friends who had inspired me a lot in different aspects.Learning things from those people on the whole is not correct or i do not like that. Instead of copying them as such, First be yourself, then try to do small changes in the way you do things. That is the starting point!! You yourself will start feeling the change you want to be..Slowly, you can carve an own niche for yourself byspending your free time in a useful way…

Oflate, would love to do things more as a volunteer.This is gradually picking up.. started to see few opportunities in my own place where i stay. Say, after one or two years would love to see much more opportunities in this line… Or can do some activity related to child’s growth. There are many activities am seeing on a daily basis related to the activity of a child like story telling or afterschool games for them..

As such, there are more opportunities lying before us..we need to pick the right one which is suitable forus and carry on from there… Lots of ideas cropping…

hope to keep in touch with some basic crafts or learnnew ideas of some simple crafts to teach the child tomake him spend his time in a useful way!!

Also, trying to spend important days of the child inan orphanage or an old age home!!

Hope to follow all these irrespective of the place where am!!

Inspiration:Pic Source: Google

Inspiration:Pic Source: Google

Any suggestions related to my areas are always welcome 🙂




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