Ilaneer Payasam

Source of recipe: Dhanyam Organic store FB page


1.Tender Coconut Water – 2 cups

2.Tender coconut pulp (vazhuval) – 1 cup

3.Sweetened Condensed Milk – According to your taste buds 4-5 tbsp

4.Coconut Milk – 1 cup

5. Cashewnuts (optional) – a few

1.Grind the tender coconut pulp coarsely (let a few bits remain). Don’t make it into a smooth paste.
2.Transfer it into a wide mouth bowl.

3.Add the tender coconut water, condensed milk and coconut milk.

4.Mix well and refrigerate.
5.Garnish with fried cashewnuts (optional).
6.Serve chilled.

I did not use cashewnuts. Used it for decoration purpose…

Here is my trial pic of the recipe:


Ilaneer payasam

Tasted yummmy…. For the scorching heat, it is a fitting recipe!!! Thanks to dhanyam organic store for giving such a recipe!!! Without refrigerating itself, it tasted yum 🙂 can say it as a kid’s friendly recipe too….


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