Seasonal Greetings 2015

Wishing one and all a very happy christmas n New year 2016!!!

Eggless chocolate flav.Pressure cooker cake:


Tried this cooker cake after a long time… For the little bit of interests in cakes which i have, these things acts as a energy booster once in a while.. Felt happy with the outcome… A long way to go in making cakes!!!

Steamed the mixture for 40 mins in the cooker. Then added toppings with the help of a tea filter and then added sprinklers to it!!!

Main Course:

Small Millets Bisibela Bath:

Small millets comprises of Thinai, Samai, kuthiraivali, thoordal, pasiparupu, chiili powder, asafoetida n salt.


Yesterday, accidentally got a  small millets bisibela bath mix of small qty. Just tried it out.. For 1 cup of this mix, poured 4 tumblers of water!!

Did sambar n boiled millets separately and then mixed it well.. Turned out yum!!

For making sambar, added veggies like beans, carrot, peas, potato, avarakkai n radish!! Side dish was vadams.. Outcome was great!!!

i did arachuvita sambar….For grinding, u need to season it with mustard, one redchilli, 1 tbsp of chana dal, urad dal n dhaniya!!! while grinding, need to add few coconut pieces..

Sambar making procedure:

Take a tbsp of oil n season it with mustard, then add shallots, after it is half cooked, add tomato n all other veggies said above… let it get cooked for few mins.. Then add required tamarind water, sambar podi n salt.. after 10-15 mins add toordhal mixed with above grinded paste..mix it well. then sprinkle asafoetida powder n garnish it with curry n coriander leaves…. Sambar is ready to serve!!

Hope you all enjoy both the recipes… have a grt time folks…. See you in 2016 🙂




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