Moong Dal Laddoo

Moong dal Laddoo

Moong dal Laddoo


Moong dal -2 tumblers
Nattu sakkarai (natural unrefined cane sugar)- 1/2 tumbler
Hot melted Ghee – 5-6 tblsp
Cardamom powder -1/4 tsp


  • Just dry roast the moong dal till the aroma comes…
  • Switch off n let it cool…
  • Then grind it in the mixer.
  • Then add it to a big bowl. Add sugar n cardamom powder.

Finally start adding ghee to the mixture.. When you are able
to make laddus from it stop adding ghee at that juncture.

Yields around 10-15 laddus..

Since its a kids snack added much of ghee than sugar.
result was yum… A perfect yum kid snack!!!


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