Past Die Hard Days

Inspired by another article, shared my experiences in my own style….

Might be late in documenting it…since i love writing, just
wanted myself to share the past how i came thru my diehard days…

When i got married and was in a different country, at first
njoyed very much. Later, when reality striked for a baby, it
was little hard to accept the fact abt my medical issues. Years
passed by, started learning handworks which came my way and started
doing things which i was interested in.. After few yrs of doing
handworks, diverted to my next passion of reading books…

That’s where i came to know about the writer Varalotti rengasamy-
started reading his books. The ray of hope started increasing slowly…
After trying many medications with different doctors, lost
my health and attitude. Then, came the idea of adoption… Just like that
i registered and shifted to another city.

In 2014 also, just continued with books n handworks… At the
end of 2014, things slowly started to move. With the help of my
parents and the ppl who guided me in correct direction, things
went on well and we got our precious soul varun… We were
very happy and it could not be expressed in out words…

Started our parenting…And each day is a learning session for me!!
Thorougly enjoying and learning a lot thru him… Learning to
be smiling always irresepective of the situation!! Thnks to the
almighty who made it happen in my life!!

Should thank my mom for always instilling me a ray of hope n constant support

Writing is the best therapy to come out of your hard times and that’s the reason had many blogs before now tuned to this blog alone!!


shared the works of mine with one of the book. Writer is Varalotti Rengasamy 🙂 C u soon….



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