Being a crafty personality for these many years did not matter
at all.But after my personal life had an promotion, my crafty sense
took a back seat. Even though its normal to everyone, my mind
does not takes it. Atleast, once in a while its searching to do
crafty things.. My fav. companion at present is books…
but my heart is not obeying at all… Oflate, my mind is not
going for crochet also..Searching continues for a better much
good option to satisy my temporary crafty needs!!!

Oflate, with whatever small things i notice, my mind starts
thinking what crafty thing can be done with it!!Sigh 😦
cant do anything at the moment.. My priorities have become
different now… Searching how to make my son sit for atleast
10 mins… he has just started scribbling in books n floor…

Simulataneously, searching for his age related crafts tooo in google..
but yet to catch the apt things…

Enjoying n getting exhausted seeing his active personality.. hw
can a child be active throughout… Just a learning phase…

Making all other things aside, just playing with him gives a calm

Just came to knw that this was the first blogsite i registered 7 yrs
ago… happy that am back in the stream again…

See you all in next post soon………………


2 thoughts on “Before/Now………….

  1. I too passed through this Shree Vidya and luckily my younger son is crafty like me. So sometimes we sit together to for crafting. I would have searched the internet and already decided what could be done by him. Sometimes I just give him tools to carryout his own plans.

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