Mother’s Day 2017


xmothers-day-sayings-header-800x262.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lWV8apxOorThis time my mom is around in my place to play with my son… So, feeling double happy around at this time…


when i hear the word “mother” it seems to be a simple but magical one…..
When we become one, we start realising our own mom’s sacrificies n a lot of things she did for us to make our life a smooth sail one…
# the little entertainments when we had exams..
# the late night tea cups when we study for our board exams
# the way she explains subject concepts to us..
# behavior to be learnt from home to school.
# how to behave with outside persons
#how to get our name etched at our work place or among a grp
# If she is a working mom, responsibility is too high…
There is no end to her selfless nature… Every woman has a motherly nature which will be shown at a point of time when the situation arises….
I have etched many traits from my mom still taking her traits… learning a lot through the way of life… There are many living n few others who have passed away but each one of them have made a great impact in my life….
I wish all my friends n well wishers a very happy mother’s day in advance… Have a lovable family time peeps this weekend….
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