Year End 2017

Hello ppl… here we are in last month of the year so soon… This time, the transition was very fast from starting to the end. It was a learning lesson in every aspect. Yet, a long way to go… Dealing with people n made quite a lot of friends too…
At first, being a crafty person, was not able to quit the craftiness. But, slowly my son occupied most of the time.. and it is just a part of motherhood journey I guess.. nothing to regret about… just not able to concentrate on my crafty part.. But, happy that my reading mind/journey continued. very happy that I was able to pick it up with quite a few books.. hope to continue it with that for the upcoming year too.. focused to read quite a lot of books for 2018…So happy for it 🙂 ❤
Love year ends always.. since its a festive season comprising of Christmas n new year discounts n sales everywhere…
So, the festive mood is in the air ❤ ❤ Make every day/month spl with your cheerfulness n spread the positivity/positive vibes around!!!
Just hoping for 2018 to be filled with lots of surprises, wishes n many things to come across!!
Wishing one n all a very happy, healthy, safe n peaceful 2018!! have a great time!!
Sources of the pic: Google

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