After a long gap, I did a very basic pattern of scarf/shawl… used hobby india crochet thread-ganga knitting yarn from @pradhan embroidery stores.. It’s acrylic yarn.. Open work crochet scarf.. A single solid color.. lovely color… Width is 4 inches and height is nearly 70 inches..

The pattern I took from this channel..

My version of the above scarf is below:


Hope to continue this art when I find time…  c u in my next post… have a great time folks…


Threads on canvas-“Alluring”

Each design have a title.. This design title is  “Alluring”.. meaning attractive or fascinating. My latest craft work… I feel its not upto my satisfaction.. but still…, it was a real challenge to my patience n time I have… so just for that sake atleast, I thought I would post!! In total, a different experience.. yet a lot to explore being creative n know more… at the same time had fun also!!! just sticking threads on canvas… nothing more!! I think its new from anchor thread expressions kit designs… there are many other designs available..i felt this is simple among those ones… so, I gave a try!!!

Finished size: 25.25cmx30.5cm

C u soon in my next post…. njoy…. have fun… Happy Children’s Day 2017…..



Play with Playdough

Rainy season prevails here… so, going out is restricted….Due to that, final result is this… The thick “A” is done by varun… Others by me… Just a small bounce back with kids crafts/activity… In a slow pace hope to start my crafts back!!! Yippee…. cheers….. Very happy to post this one………play

C u back soon 🙂

Toddler’s Vest

My 100th post….

Crocheted a toddler’s vest.. Used indian ice batik yarn from pradhan, mumbai.

I did alternate stitch…

Stitch Explanation:

Take base chain in multiples of 2 plus 2

Then, sk 3 ch n start 2 sc in a single chain and then sk 1 ch n do 2 sc in a single chain and thereby it continues…

Did not follow a pattern as such… Took number of chains as 70 in the base..

Video tutorial for alternate stitch..

Alternate Stitch

Did an edging – sc of 3 rows around neck, hands and bottom…

Here comes my trial of vest in alternate stitch..

Toddler's Vest

Toddler’s Vest

See you all in next post soon…. Njoi!!!

Crocheted Candle/Tea Light Holder

Wishing one and all a very happy diwali 2015.

After a short gap, wanted to do something for diwali… So, came up with this tea light holder pattern..

I took the pattern from the below link:

My trial version of the pic

Candle/Tea Light Holder

Candle/Tea Light Holder

Hope you all enjoy this post… C u soon with the next one!!!