Kids Friendly Health Drink Powder

My first post for this year i believe…………………………….

Health Drink Powder

The recipe is shared from a friend named Varalekshmy Raghavan as she had shared it from another food group…

Kid’s friendly health drink powder… Adults can use it too instead of store bought badam powder..

Recipe as follows:

This is from a food group. Very tastypowder. Instead of buying badam
Milk powder, make this. I suggest panam kalkandu or palm sugar as replacement for sugar for health reasons. Please powder the elachi separately first. adding a tsp (a tbsp if u like) of aniseed powder (perum jeeragam powder) and black pepper pd may add more flavours.
For those of you who have lots of badam at home, and children also, a healthy badam mix which can be made very easily. Recipe from YouTube .
150 gms badam
125 gms sugar/panam karkandu
50 gms milk powder
15 elachi pods
Little saffron.
Soak badam in boiling water and blanch it. Remove the skin and pat dry it. If you have a mv oven, you can dry it for 3 to 4 minutes checking if it is completely dry at 1 min intervals.
Otherwise roast in a pan at low heat till it is dry.
Now put the dried badam in a mixie and powder it. When it is roughly powdered add sugar or palm sugar and powder it still finely. Elachi can be roasted on the tawa and powdered with or without skin.Finally add milk powder and saffron and blend just once. Take in a clean glass bowl, mix everything thoroughly and store it air tight containers. Add a heaped tablespoon to a glass of warm or cold milk, stir well till frothy and drink.
The powder can be stored for 3 months.

My kid loved it.. he started eating just like that……i replaced sugar with panam karkandu.. happy with end result!!!