DIY craft-Christmas Decor

A DIY craft from  Lovehobbycraft

A very simple craft… Love beads in any form/model.

Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor

Materials needed:

Base: Thermocol/Felt paper/Hairpins which are broader ones.

Satin Ribbon of any color, beads of your choice and glue.


1.Put satin ribbon in bow shape n stick to thermocol.

2. Stick beads with glue in tree shape. I used assorted red color beads, green n black pearls.

I have modified the tutorial with beads n base i used is different…. Enjoyed doing this project!!


Happy Diwali 2013


A Festival of Lights,
Where good wins over evil,
Story of Narakasura comes to mind
for diwali each year…

All the memories of yesteryear’s diwali
comes to mind,
Where some would not go near crackers

but would enjoy seeing others
bursting crackers…..Home full of friends n relatives
Amidst tv programmes,Eating different kinds of sweets….

Stomach getting full in minutes,
After effect -Indigestion,

Also a full day of noise pollution,
What fun those days were!!

Lovely, Lovable memories….

Wishing one n all a Very Happy Diwali 2013!

This year i made

1.Thengaipaal muruku-courtesy: Jeyashri’s kitchen

2. Ompodi – Courtesy: Jaya tv cookery programme

3. Oats Laddu- Courtesy: Padhu’s kitchen

4. Atta Laddu- Courtesy: Sharmi’s Passions


Feeling gud that i was able to make all these this time!!! Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, safe n memorable diwali 2013!! Have a great time friends…..Njoi!!!

Alternative Approach to Life by me

Like we see God in a Mother’s form… same way is doctor too!!

If doctor’s treatments does not yield proper or positive results, we should not leave hope n instead grow our belief in the almighty still more stronger for our mind to be.. We can find out a way to come out of it!! There is a saying that “If one door is closed, there is another door opened out for sure”.. So believe in yourself and your belief in god stronger!!!

At this time, crafts give a new lease of life to me which i had been practising for more than 5 yrs now…. that too in various forms.. Still interested in learning more!!

Hope to learn more n waiting for more merrier moments to come!!!

Slow n steady my wishes come true in my personal life too!!!

Wish am able to achieve things in life!!

Hope the almighty makes me more stronger to face the toughest situations also…

Happy that i resumed back blogging…Also feel gud that am able to take things in a easy way instead of cry, brooding over etc….

Thanks to the whole hearted support given to me by each n everyone in my family!!!!


A Thot On Fertility Treatments

Is getting pregnant or having a baby is too costly nowadays..I feel that it has become a great achievement or adventure
nowadays… Ppl who are successful in this are considered really to be lucky..I know the issue regd having a baby is God’s will n wish.. But, running behind doctors, hospitals n the treatments given there really gives a sick feeling.. Persons who return
successfully with their babies from these treatments are really considered very strong persons.. We need a spl courage to go through these things.. Oflate, many hospitals have come up in cities for fertility treatment.. But, very few give proper systematic procedures through which we have our babies… Due to lots of injections, aspiration of eggs and the final procedure of embryo transfer and our prayers to turn the result to positive… There are many stages in these kinds of treatment too!!!

At times, we tend to think, where we are leading towards? so many questions raise up…People say for some, things happen on time and for some babyothers it takes time but we should not leave our hope…

Fighting spirit is very important… We should come out thru the odd things successfully and make our life a good example for others to follow..

Whatever trials the life gives you, show back that you have come out successfully and am ready to face anything!!

Also, there’s a saying that whatever happen is always for good only-So, be patient all will happen.. Patience is another great quality which we should possess to come out of these stages.

Adoption is a better option too instead of this treatment but i feel it also has more formalities oflate but definitely less stressful than treatments… All depends upon the individuals!!!

Be happy,positive, cheerful always..Hope is a great thing which really pushes us towards our next step!!!

Be surrounded with positive ppl around to be successful and achieve your goals….

Happy days ahead!!!  Baby pic courtesy: Google