First Book Review

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Book Title -“The Way Of Love-Celebration of Nammazhwar”
Author/Writer – Varalotti Rengasamy
An English book containing tamil verses of “Nammazhwar”
Intro of Author: He writes about the almighty.How the relationship should be between a common man and God. He always insists the way of love is the only way to get hold of him. “LOVE”. He expresses the same through different stories and he is practical too.. An athiest can too start believing in almighty reading his books. He is a person who instills hopes in us through his writings..
Indeed, a true celebration it was… Njoyed each one of the 12 chapters of the book. Last chapter was icing on the cake…n
At first, had a thought how it would be since it is nammazhwar….but, the reading journey was different.. Did not ever think that i would enjoy it very much..
Gave a  overview of all the chapter in my words with the help of review given in the book.. in 8th chapter alone, have added hindi doha version of kabir which i had enjoyed in my school days… all those info taken from the net. hope i have done justice for what i have read…
1 -Introduction to general things why do we do this n that like why do we dance, work etc… then abt Jalaludeen Rumi, a sufi mystic of 13th century n how songs were constructed those days n finally to our topic person “NAMMAZHWAR”
2 -The story revolves around a mentally retarded beggar who cannot even say God’s name prperly combined with appropriate nammazhvar’s verses
3 – Story abt a gifted poet who has gone astray.. this is the center story of the book… the other stories are connected to this chapter..
4 – How the person gets transformed into a gifted poet with the help of a swamiji…He becomes as a staunch believer in nammazhwar’s verses n his heart is full of love towards nammazhwar… he started to shower his heart full of love towards nammazhwar which in turn his thoughts started to change n he started to learn quickly the verses…
5–explains abt pain of separation… i.e..,For a person, who thinks have not done anything for the society or who is a person with very bad thoughts/who had done robbery/behind women.. the author tries to divert people’s attention which is called “LOVE” towards the almighty.. Pls pray with full of love to him… you will get the answers perfect for you!!!
6 –Voice against caste systems… Ramanuja – how he dealt with this n Nammazhwar who lived before him went steps ahead he framed verses towards god out of his love towards him..
7– Thirsty Iron- i njoyed this chapter very much… literally had tears reading this… such a wonderful narration.
8 –Its ALL HIS LOVE- A doctor who does his duty well, was good to others who was receiving no money in villages, by chance he forgets his way and goes astray by his acts.. how love to god reforms ppl….in a similar way, where kabir’s wisdom was perfect in his death bed..his doha in hindi in first two lines:
Boond samani hai samunder mein, janat hai sab koi
Samunder samana boond mein, bujhe birla koi
A drop merges into the ocean, this everyone understand
How about when an entire ocean hide Itself inside that drop?
THIS IS A GREAT MYSTERY, perhaps the greatest of mysteries. In sacred tradition of Islam we find that Allah declares: “Man is My Secret and I am Man’s Secret.” The analogy that Kabir uses about drop and ocean are parables of individual soul of man and that of the Supreme Soul, Parama Atma, Allah. First the parable of a drop merging with ocean is given. This is the common journey destined for all soul. At the end of all journey, the soul must return to it’s Source. But there is another merging where the Great Ocean merge inside the drop. This is the state about which the sacred tradition of Islam says, “When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks.”
In Rumi’s words You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
9 — Story abt a condemned prisoner disowned by his mother..
10 –Abt a gifted painter struggling hard to paint his master-piece but given only a few days to live….
11 –An eighty old saint trying to deliver a message to twelve beautiful women holding high offices…
12 –This last part of the chapter is really an icing on the cake to all other chapters… Read the end in book… Such an interesting one…
I really felt happy/njoyed had a great feeling on completing this book. It was totally different from his other books… Did not feel anything negative abt..
That too felt very happy to read that kind of old tamil verses of nammazhwar….
May God bless u author sir to write more…..Best Wishes!!!

Mother’s Day 2017



xmothers-day-sayings-header-800x262.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lWV8apxOorThis time my mom is around in my place to play with my son… So, feeling double happy around at this time…


when i hear the word “mother” it seems to be a simple but magical one…..
When we become one, we start realising our own mom’s sacrificies n a lot of things she did for us to make our life a smooth sail one…
# the little entertainments when we had exams..
# the late night tea cups when we study for our board exams
# the way she explains subject concepts to us..
# behavior to be learnt from home to school.
# how to behave with outside persons
#how to get our name etched at our work place or among a grp
# If she is a working mom, responsibility is too high…
There is no end to her selfless nature… Every woman has a motherly nature which will be shown at a point of time when the situation arises….
I have etched many traits from my mom still taking her traits… learning a lot through the way of life… There are many living n few others who have passed away but each one of them have made a great impact in my life….
I wish all my friends n well wishers a very happy mother’s day in advance… Have a lovable family time peeps this weekend….
Images are taken from the internet.

Away n Returned Back…


When you are away on a trip n returned back to ur place, the soothing lunch one would yearn to have is either of the combo… 1. Vatha kuzhambu n suttapalam 2. ladies finger subji n killi thalichu kotina rasam(My mom’s spl)

In those days, if we go for a trip n come back, the immediate food would be this rasam only n suttapalam..Would taste heavenly… such an easy one.. Very easy to cook..

Today my menu was the latter one.. ladies finger n rasam…i cooked in earthern pot today..

Killi thalichu kotina rasam


Oil-2tbsp Mustard-1/2 tsp Toor dal-1tbsp. chana dal-1 tbsp. 1 or 2 red chillies(as per ur taste) few curry n coriander leaves, Tamarind water – 1 cup. Salt- to taste


1.Take a kadai, add oil-after it gets heated, add mustard.. after spluttering, add a red chilly , curry leaves toor n chana dal.

2. After sauteing for a minute add tamarind water then add tamarind water n salt.

3. Let it boil for 10 mins till the raw smell of tamarind goes.

4. Garnish it with curry n coriander leaves..

5. Ready to serve..

Taste would be heavenly….Do try it folks… C u all soon in next post….








Kids Friendly Health Drink Powder


My first post for this year i believe…………………………….

Health Drink Powder

The recipe is shared from a friend named Varalekshmy Raghavan as she had shared it from another food group…

Kid’s friendly health drink powder… Adults can use it too instead of store bought badam powder..

Recipe as follows:

This is from a food group. Very tastypowder. Instead of buying badam
Milk powder, make this. I suggest panam kalkandu or palm sugar as replacement for sugar for health reasons. Please powder the elachi separately first. adding a tsp (a tbsp if u like) of aniseed powder (perum jeeragam powder) and black pepper pd may add more flavours.
For those of you who have lots of badam at home, and children also, a healthy badam mix which can be made very easily. Recipe from YouTube .
150 gms badam
125 gms sugar/panam karkandu
50 gms milk powder
15 elachi pods
Little saffron.
Soak badam in boiling water and blanch it. Remove the skin and pat dry it. If you have a mv oven, you can dry it for 3 to 4 minutes checking if it is completely dry at 1 min intervals.
Otherwise roast in a pan at low heat till it is dry.
Now put the dried badam in a mixie and powder it. When it is roughly powdered add sugar or palm sugar and powder it still finely. Elachi can be roasted on the tawa and powdered with or without skin.Finally add milk powder and saffron and blend just once. Take in a clean glass bowl, mix everything thoroughly and store it air tight containers. Add a heaped tablespoon to a glass of warm or cold milk, stir well till frothy and drink.
The powder can be stored for 3 months.

My kid loved it.. he started eating just like that……i replaced sugar with panam karkandu.. happy with end result!!!

Ragi cut biscuits


Original recipe: Arokiya samayal by krishnakumari in jaya tv programme…

These biscuits would be a preferable one from kids to adults… easy to make too….It can be a perfect teatime snack too….

Items needed:

Ragi flour-1 cup

Oats flour/kambu, varagu or any millet flour-1/4 cup

Aata(Wheat flour)-1/4 cup( a must one)

Salt-to taste

for spicyness-add pepper jeera podi as per taste buds

add-1 table spoon butter.

Oil- to fry


Mix all the above said ingredients and make as a neat dough.Meanwhile, in a kadai pour the reqd qty of oil… As u make chapati, take small balls from dough, flatten it and cut with a knife for the desired shapes…Then, take the cut pieces and put it in the oil.. after both sides gets boiled in a proper way, take out n get ready to eat the snack…

Relish n enjoy!! Tasted yum….


PS: Do not keep the dough aside for hrs since it might absorb oil a lot… prepare n try this immediately.


In purview of 2016 rains

Rains oflate bring a terrible shocking situation to us… Rains leave us without shelter, result in destruction of many things.. the houses are filled with rain water  leaving things to be repaired… Do not know how the rains will show off this year.. After seeing last years rains, this year in a dilemma how are we going to manage things in a long run…
Lets pray for things to happen for good…Prayers can make miracluous things
to happen… So, lets continue our prayers going…..
My tamil verse regd chennai rains…
சென்னை மழை 
யார் மேல் உள்ள கோவத்தில் 
இப்படி கொட்டித் தீர்க்கிறாய்  மழையே?
இத்தனை வருடங்களில் காணாததை 
இன்று நாங்கள் காண்கிறோம்…..
அந்த அளவிற்கு ஒரு ஆக்ரோஷம்,
ஒரு தீவிரம்  உன் செய்கையில்…
மழையின் தீவிரமான அச்சுறுத்தலை 
உணர்த்தி  எங்கும் போக முடியாத படி 
எங்களை முடக்கிவிட்டாய்!!!
என்னவாயிற்று மழையே சற்று 
தணிந்து அமைதி கொள்…..
உன் சில நாள் சீற்றதிற்கே எங்களால் 
தாக்கு பிடிக்க முடிய வில்லை…
இன்னும் எத்தனை நாள் நீடிக்குமோ உன் சீற்றம்?
The above tamil verse was written watching last year rains….