Toddler’s Vest


My 100th post….

Crocheted a toddler’s vest.. Used indian ice batik yarn from pradhan, mumbai.

I did alternate stitch…

Stitch Explanation:

Take base chain in multiples of 2 plus 2

Then, sk 3 ch n start 2 sc in a single chain and then sk 1 ch n do 2 sc in a single chain and thereby it continues…

Did not follow a pattern as such… Took number of chains as 70 in the base..

Video tutorial for alternate stitch..

Alternate Stitch

Did an edging – sc of 3 rows around neck, hands and bottom…

Here comes my trial of vest in alternate stitch..

Toddler's Vest

Toddler’s Vest

See you all in next post soon…. Njoi!!!


Chevron Infinity Scarf


Liked this pattern so just tried it out.. Tried it in acrylic yarn!! My last bundle stash… Love making shawls…. So happy to do it.. I took the tutorial from the below link


Now comes my version of the infinity scarf.. It’s 53.5 inches long n 9.5 inches wide…

Chevron Infinity Scarf

Chevron Infinity Scarf

Hope you all like it.. See you in next post!!! Happy Days…. Njooy!!!

Organic Shawl


I just started this shawl with the limited amt of variegated acrylic yarns i had in 3 different colors… I just took the base pattern and took it in my own stride… Did not follow the pattern as such!!!  Took the pattern from free patterns dot com… Length of the shawl is 45.5 inches!! Here comes the version of the shawl which i have done!!

Organic Shawl

Organic Shawl

See you in next post.. Thank you 🙂

Money/Credit card purses


Wanted to gift few ppl so, just landed in this pattern since its so easy n can finish on time too!! i did 3 purse of the same pattern n another coin type, a very simple one.

This is the link from where i took the pattern… loved doing each one!!

credit card purse

Here comes the version of my pic which i did,

Credit card purses

Credit card purses

See you all in next post, till then have a great time!! Thank you 🙂

Mobile Pouches


My try in  crocheted mobile pouches.. One for my old ifone and other simple green one for my nokia..

Mobile pouches

Mobile pouches

Ifone case pattern.. i took from this link

Green one is simple sc started with 12 chains and need to do according to mobile height..

Hope you all enjoy this post..

Do let me know your feedback folks.. thank you 🙂