Threads on canvas-“Alluring”

Each design have a title.. This design title isย  “Alluring”.. meaning attractive or fascinating. My latest craft work… I feel its not upto my satisfaction.. but still…, it was a real challenge to my patience n time I have… so just for that sake atleast, I thought I would post!! In total, a different experience.. yet a lot to explore being creative n know more… at the same time had fun also!!! just sticking threads on canvas… nothing more!! I think its new from anchor thread expressions kit designs… there are many other designs available..i felt this is simple among those ones… so, I gave a try!!!

Finished size: 25.25cmx30.5cm

C u soon in my next post…. njoy…. have fun… Happy Children’s Day 2017…..




Crocheted Candle/Tea Light Holder

Wishing one and all a very happy diwali 2015.

After a short gap, wanted to do something for diwali… So, came up with this tea light holder pattern..

I took the pattern from the below link:

My trial version of the pic

Candle/Tea Light Holder
Candle/Tea Light Holder

Hope you all enjoy this post… C u soon with the next one!!!

New born Crochet Wear

After a short gap, made a crochet wear for a new born… So happy to do it.. This is the pattern already i have shared here.. For pattern info, you can check the linkย

Material: Anchor knitting cotton. How is it friends? Do share all your feedback.. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Cap Sleeve Cardigan
Cap Sleeve Cardigan

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Started crocheting last year… i did a granny square small blanket abt 20 inches in size last year.. This year, in a different try a granny blanket little bigger in size than last year… height is 24 inches and width 22 inches… Do let me know your feedback friends ๐Ÿ™‚

2014 granny blanket
2014 granny blanket
2015 granny blanket view 1
2015 granny blanket view 1
2015 granny blanket view 2
2015 granny blanket view 2

DIY Granny Square Basket

With crafts again this time, a small diy granny square basket which can be used while doing a crochet project.

5 grannys done one in each color and then attached it with a single crochet stitch.And given a lining too!!

The colors i have done:
Maroon n red on opp.sides
blue n dark pink on either sides
Border color is dark yellow

A collage of the basket i did.

Granny Basket
Granny Basket

Then given a lining… A learning process!!!
โ€œLive as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.โ€
โ€• Mahatma Gandhi

Eventhough it was a small project, i felt it very interesting. Enjoyed doing it and
love the outcome!!

Through this link i was able to make this basket. hope it help others too!!

Hope you all have a nice time in my space. Thank you!

HandMade Bookmarks

I love reading novels n many more kinds of books. The craze for reading books is equal to the craze for bookmarks which i want to create. So, try to come up with different kinds of bookmarks also. This time, i have created a cross stitch and simple crocheted bookmark. Do let me know your feedback friends… Thanks all for your support!! Hope to come up with variety of bookmarks in future…


Monarch Of The Jungle

Straight/Long stitch was the first craft i started with. I feel i have tried many designs… So, am ending with this design… I feel i do not haveย scope in these kinds of designs… Anyway, ย feel happy about it… No worries. Yet lots of crafts to try on hands… For the love of elephants i have, bought thisย and it was lying in my cupboard for quite a few years. I felt this was the right time. So i finished doing it!! How has the design come out?

Elephant in the jungle
Elephant in the jungle

Hope you all like it.. Keep supporting friends!!