Embroidered Ganesha- Vinayak Chathurthi SPECIAL


Lord Vinayak/Ganesh/Pillayar – Hindu God.  He is considered as the remover of  obstacles.

He is the most favorite god to many from kids to elders… This year chathurthi is going to be celebrated on aug 29th 2014- coming friday.. Wishing everyone a very happy vinayak chathurthi 🙂

This festival is celebrated in an elaborate manner in different parts of India.. To know more about the origin of festival n story, you can refer this link:


This year, i wanted to do something different for one of my favorite God Vinayak. So, i tried this embroidered vinayak with minor kundan decoration.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

i drew it on a lining cloth and embroidered on it…  How has it come folks?



My first post for 2014 – Happy Pongal/Makara Sankaranthi


Wanna how we dreamt of life? And in Realisation, how it is turning out…
What a great difference for ppl like me – certain things is in the creator’s hands which we cannot say anything about!!
He is the sole authority!! I thank God in many ways-1.Thru classical music 2. Thru art 3. Thru household works.
4. Thru books – And many more…since my interests keep multiplying manifold, i do not find it tough to run the time
Else, i cannot think how my life would have turned out..

Cross stitch- which was a hobby i just took that stitch for my earning since
many of us in india are unaware abt that stitch. Arts n crafts awareness is there
but as far as cross stitch is concerned, the awareness is zero…

I feel that i wanted to take that stitch/awareness about the stitch to next level.
So, planned to do valentine day tags n lots more to go.. hope slowly i achieve
and establish things in spreading the awareness for the stitch!!

With this stitch we can do wonders. Very easy to learn also.. It can be learnt in a day also!!

Writing is one of my passion too.. Have visited many places also in these many years.. Starting from
Dubai, Muscat, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore, Malaysia, Kodaikanal, Now-In coimbatore..
Yet, many more places to visit.. Happy to have a nomad life… been wandering to places…

Visiting many people, their culture and tradition.. It’s an interesting part of having a nomad’s life..
Having in touch with my school, college, colleagues and other friends from places where i have lived..

And new friends added to the list.. Feel good about it!! So happy to be in touch with them through social networking sites!!

Also, i think Life is a learning journey- From each people we meet, we learn a tiny bit atleast i feel..

Finally – Wishing everyone a very happy makara sankaranthi! Enjoy n have fun folks…
See you in next post!!

Below Pic Courtesy: Google