Year End 2017

Hello ppl… here we are in last month of the year so soon… This time, the transition was very fast from starting to the end. It was a learning lesson in every aspect. Yet, a long way to go… Dealing with people n made quite a lot of friends too…
At first, being a crafty person, was not able to quit the craftiness. But, slowly my son occupied most of the time.. and it is just a part of motherhood journey I guess.. nothing to regret about… just not able to concentrate on my crafty part.. But, happy that my reading mind/journey continued. very happy that I was able to pick it up with quite a few books.. hope to continue it with that for the upcoming year too.. focused to read quite a lot of books for 2018…So happy for it 🙂 ❤
Love year ends always.. since its a festive season comprising of Christmas n new year discounts n sales everywhere…
So, the festive mood is in the air ❤ ❤ Make every day/month spl with your cheerfulness n spread the positivity/positive vibes around!!!
Just hoping for 2018 to be filled with lots of surprises, wishes n many things to come across!!
Wishing one n all a very happy, healthy, safe n peaceful 2018!! have a great time!!
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Emotional Wellbeing




Love to say “Writing” is the best therapy when you are not yourself.

It just comes as a flow at this time only… You might be out of focus due to various external  factors n it may haunt you for a longer time… but you have to keep ur mind check on focus n u need to be yourself at the earliest.. It is the best choice…

How to get back to your focus to the earliest… What are the ways… this is the
tough one I would say but all for good only!!

Think of good times n happenings with your family members, friends n lots of positive things which happen around!! Keep murumuring to yourself that all will be well soon…Cheer up girl 🙂

Everything in this world is temporary and for a short time… so, live life n enjoy it to the extent you can!!! Do not take anything to mind which makes you disturb your routine!!!

Keep loving yourself more to the extent that it makes you normal self very soon!!



A Small Rewind


A Small Rewind….#Loneliness

There is a saying that do not forget your past….


One of the thing I am not able to forget about the past is I got a lot of “ME” time..
But now, it’s exactly opposite… Infact, I love the “me” time of my past…

Anyway, am feeling totally happy now….

For people who get most of their time, can try on their interesting hobby lines..
Reading, gardening, different kinds of craft work, nature love, travel, walking, fitness, music, drawing etc…

Those times, I would not have any one to share with things since I felt was so different….


I took craft work in my hand to spend my time….Infact,  I felt that was very satisfactory at that time…can speak through your creativity……

Now, have ppl to talk with n a non stop chatter box with my son….he loves to talk a lot… Started to accept ppl as they are n started enjoying each n every growing
stage of my son!!

Goodluck n cheers to everyone!!! njoy your time…. this stage shall pass soon too!!

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First Book Review

#mypuccabookreview #firstone
Book Title -“The Way Of Love-Celebration of Nammazhwar”
Author/Writer – Varalotti Rengasamy
An English book containing tamil verses of “Nammazhwar”
Intro of Author: He writes about the almighty.How the relationship should be between a common man and God. He always insists the way of love is the only way to get hold of him. “LOVE”. He expresses the same through different stories and he is practical too.. An athiest can too start believing in almighty reading his books. He is a person who instills hopes in us through his writings..
Indeed, a true celebration it was… Njoyed each one of the 12 chapters of the book. Last chapter was icing on the cake…n
At first, had a thought how it would be since it is nammazhwar….but, the reading journey was different.. Did not ever think that i would enjoy it very much..
Gave a  overview of all the chapter in my words with the help of review given in the book.. in 8th chapter alone, have added hindi doha version of kabir which i had enjoyed in my school days… all those info taken from the net. hope i have done justice for what i have read…
1 -Introduction to general things why do we do this n that like why do we dance, work etc… then abt Jalaludeen Rumi, a sufi mystic of 13th century n how songs were constructed those days n finally to our topic person “NAMMAZHWAR”
2 -The story revolves around a mentally retarded beggar who cannot even say God’s name prperly combined with appropriate nammazhvar’s verses
3 – Story abt a gifted poet who has gone astray.. this is the center story of the book… the other stories are connected to this chapter..
4 – How the person gets transformed into a gifted poet with the help of a swamiji…He becomes as a staunch believer in nammazhwar’s verses n his heart is full of love towards nammazhwar… he started to shower his heart full of love towards nammazhwar which in turn his thoughts started to change n he started to learn quickly the verses…
5–explains abt pain of separation… i.e..,For a person, who thinks have not done anything for the society or who is a person with very bad thoughts/who had done robbery/behind women.. the author tries to divert people’s attention which is called “LOVE” towards the almighty.. Pls pray with full of love to him… you will get the answers perfect for you!!!
6 –Voice against caste systems… Ramanuja – how he dealt with this n Nammazhwar who lived before him went steps ahead he framed verses towards god out of his love towards him..
7– Thirsty Iron- i njoyed this chapter very much… literally had tears reading this… such a wonderful narration.
8 –Its ALL HIS LOVE- A doctor who does his duty well, was good to others who was receiving no money in villages, by chance he forgets his way and goes astray by his acts.. how love to god reforms ppl….in a similar way, where kabir’s wisdom was perfect in his death bed..his doha in hindi in first two lines:
Boond samani hai samunder mein, janat hai sab koi
Samunder samana boond mein, bujhe birla koi
A drop merges into the ocean, this everyone understand
How about when an entire ocean hide Itself inside that drop?
THIS IS A GREAT MYSTERY, perhaps the greatest of mysteries. In sacred tradition of Islam we find that Allah declares: “Man is My Secret and I am Man’s Secret.” The analogy that Kabir uses about drop and ocean are parables of individual soul of man and that of the Supreme Soul, Parama Atma, Allah. First the parable of a drop merging with ocean is given. This is the common journey destined for all soul. At the end of all journey, the soul must return to it’s Source. But there is another merging where the Great Ocean merge inside the drop. This is the state about which the sacred tradition of Islam says, “When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks.”
In Rumi’s words You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
9 — Story abt a condemned prisoner disowned by his mother..
10 –Abt a gifted painter struggling hard to paint his master-piece but given only a few days to live….
11 –An eighty old saint trying to deliver a message to twelve beautiful women holding high offices…
12 –This last part of the chapter is really an icing on the cake to all other chapters… Read the end in book… Such an interesting one…
I really felt happy/njoyed had a great feeling on completing this book. It was totally different from his other books… Did not feel anything negative abt..
That too felt very happy to read that kind of old tamil verses of nammazhwar….
May God bless u author sir to write more…..Best Wishes!!!