After a long gap, I did a very basic pattern of scarf/shawl… used hobby india crochet thread-ganga knitting yarn from @pradhan embroidery stores.. It’s acrylic yarn.. Open work crochet scarf.. A single solid color.. lovely color… Width is 4 inches and height is nearly 70 inches..

The pattern I took from this channel..

My version of the above scarf is below:


Hope to continue this art when I find time…  c u in my next post… have a great time folks…


Play with Playdough

Rainy season prevails here… so, going out is restricted….Due to that, final result is this… The thick “A” is done by varun… Others by me… Just a small bounce back with kids crafts/activity… In a slow pace hope to start my crafts back!!! Yippee…. cheers….. Very happy to post this one………play

C u back soon 🙂

Emotional Wellbeing



Love to say “Writing” is the best therapy when you are not yourself.

It just comes as a flow at this time only… You might be out of focus due to various external  factors n it may haunt you for a longer time… but you have to keep ur mind check on focus n u need to be yourself at the earliest.. It is the best choice…

How to get back to your focus to the earliest… What are the ways… this is the
tough one I would say but all for good only!!

Think of good times n happenings with your family members, friends n lots of positive things which happen around!! Keep murumuring to yourself that all will be well soon…Cheer up girl 🙂

Everything in this world is temporary and for a short time… so, live life n enjoy it to the extent you can!!! Do not take anything to mind which makes you disturb your routine!!!

Keep loving yourself more to the extent that it makes you normal self very soon!!



Tips For a Recycle Navarathri!!


Kuralagam Kolu


Chettiyar Family










1. After eating gulfi, we need not throw those small pots/cups, we can preserve it and paint kaavi or chemman on it. Then, we can arrange it suitably to look like a small pot shop arranged.

2. In small sized plates we can drop the colorful kola podi and give a shape like a cone. It will look
like a small kumkum shop.

3. We can arrange small left over bangles, sticker in another tray. A small fancy store is ready.

4. The choppu saaman with which tiny tots play- Vessel store ready.

5. With matchbox bottom part, we can make a bullockcart. for each small shop created,
we can keep either gent or lady dolls as salesperson.

6. We can arrange the grain(Dhaaniyam) varieties in a cone shape.

7.We can make flower shop with real or paper flowers..

8. In the small gulfi pots, we can pour some water and rice flour for “neer mor” to quench thirst.
The shop for quenching thirst gets ready.

9.With the old clothes, we cut those to 6.7 cm long and make it hang on a small wire to give a
colorful welcome…

10. From the waste of tailor shop, we can make betel leaf, paaku, plate. It would be a great thing to do!!
Hope these tips are useful and Wishing you all a very happy Dussehra!!!
(Source:Pics n tips – Mangayar Malar – Tamil Magazine)

Wishing one and all a very happy dussehra 2014!! have a great fun time folks 🙂