Dussehra 2015 Feast

This time did not keep golu but instead concentrated on the delicacies to be made each day in morning and evening!!! So happy that i was able to make it up doing all these this time!! Feeling good… Just a collage of what i did these days… One sweet in the morning n sundal in evening 🙂



  1. Semiya payasam
  2. pattani sundal
  3. dates payasam
  4. rava payasam
  5. kondakadalai sundal
  6. parupu payasam
  7. dry fruits laddu
  8. payatham parupu sundal
  9. poha kesari
  10. pachai payaru sundal
  11. chana dal sundal
  12. groundnut sundal
  13. arisi thengai payasam

Few sweet recipes taken from jeyashri’s kitchen… All turned out well… We liked it very much… Finally, dussehra nearing the end!!! Happy saraswathi pooja to everyone!! hope all are having a great time!!

Enjoy n have a great time folks… c u in next post!!!


Amigurumi = My Growing Collection

Amigurumi- the art of making toy friends (Knitted or Crocheted)

My first crocheted dolls post in my blog…

First, i made a cute krishna doll, then comes my bunny head and ballerina bunny queen. These both bunnies are my second trial in making dolls… I know its yet to be perfect…Have a long way to cross!!!

For Ballerina Bunny in Green, i followed this link:



Cute Krishna- My first Doll

Cute Krishna- My first Doll


Bunny Headz

Bunny Headz


Ballerina Bunny

Ballerina Bunny

Hope you all njoy watching my stuffed creations. Do share your feedback folks so that i can improve. Thank you 🙂

Golu Display 2014

“Navarathri” – In my school days, it meant lots of roaming with friends to sing, collect chundals with so much of festive atmosphere around. With a gang of nearly 10 ppl, we would go to each neighbor’s house and sing… Wow, those golden days… Unforgettable days!! Also, it would be a feast for those 10 days tasting each folks culinary tastes. This is the longest celebrated festival- “Dussehra”. In Mysore, this is one of the prominent festival celebrated in a very grand manner. Exhibitions, colors, n what not… The city would look colorful these days… Also, the great mysore palace would be illuminated with lights on all these days in the night!!!

On the other hand, in Bengal side, where they celebrate this festival as “Durga Pooja” – This is the time where the married ladies would go to their mother’s place and njoy the festival. Also, their mothers would present their daughter with saree, manjal, kumkum, bangles n lots more… The old ppl who cannot go to their mothers place, their mothers would send it through courier it seems…(Info got through a magazine
do not remember the name).. So, the people in Bengal would have a gala time during this festive period.

Here comes my small video of the golu display which i have kept at my place!!

Hope you all watch n njoy!!