Teaching spoken english to Korean students


A Different Experience for the first time:
Teaching spoken english to Korean students

Happy to kickstart to teach in cbe this way!! Hope to continue and utilise the teaching opportunitiesimages
which come on my way…..  I taught to 2 korean students(Brother n Sister)
in my neighborhood.  Their names were:
Seo yeon beak
Young un baek
Their mother calls them as seo and young… Was not able to understand their language but still it was fun listening them to speak in korean language.

The first point was we need to speak in english very slow to them.
Else, they find it difficult to grasp. At the start, they were quite reluctant to talk
in english. But, as days went by – they took it up in their pace and
they handled it better. Also, framing the day’s portion seem to be challenging for me since they were not that conversant in english. I made them to talk btw
them including me. Felt it as quite tough. But, i enjoyed doing it since it
is a learning curve for me also. I am enjoying it on a daily basis since i feel
more happier when i see their small fights which takes back to my cute
fights with my sister during our school days!!

Had a great finish… Spent time usefully by teaching them for a month!!
They improved a lot in a month’s time.. Hope they can improve much more in due course of time…
Njoyed teaching them!!


A Determined Soul

Pic courtesy:Google

Pic courtesy:Google

On the edge of a seashore,

A man silently watching the tides,
In a deep thinking
About his Life.

In a way enjoying his every minute,
Small small twists n turns,
which keeps him active throughout!

Sees a positive world around
whatever the situation may be!
Everyone around admire him,

Just so determined that
he does not get distracted.
People come n go,
but nothing disturbs/distracts.
So engrossed he is.

People stare/ talk about,
He stands still.
People wonder how he can be in this state?
What makes him to be in this state of mind?
They disperse thinking/talking various things…..

Can a common man attain this state of mind?