Golu Display 2014

“Navarathri” – In my school days, it meant lots of roaming with friends to sing, collect chundals with so much of festive atmosphere around. With a gang of nearly 10 ppl, we would go to each neighbor’s house and sing… Wow, those golden days… Unforgettable days!! Also, it would be a feast for those 10 days tasting each folks culinary tastes. This is the longest celebrated festival- “Dussehra”. In Mysore, this is one of the prominent festival celebrated in a very grand manner. Exhibitions, colors, n what not… The city would look colorful these days… Also, the great mysore palace would be illuminated with lights on all these days in the night!!!

On the other hand, in Bengal side, where they celebrate this festival as “Durga Pooja” – This is the time where the married ladies would go to their mother’s place and njoy the festival. Also, their mothers would present their daughter with saree, manjal, kumkum, bangles n lots more… The old ppl who cannot go to their mothers place, their mothers would send it through courier it seems…(Info got through a magazine
do not remember the name).. So, the people in Bengal would have a gala time during this festive period.

Here comes my small video of the golu display which i have kept at my place!!

Hope you all watch n njoy!!


Blessed Creation @Sunday Sunthai

The event happened on 9th Feb 2014 @Meenakshi Hall, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore

Compiled a very short video clip of my pics of the exhibit..
Have a great time watching.

The first 4 pics are my stall pics. Next 4 pics are around the place n abt other stalls there..

My first exhibit in coimbatore was a very well organised and executed one.Enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Meena Krishnakumar for the opportunity given. Time flied so fast. Had fun.Radio Mirchi RJ Gautam also came in for the event in evening. Developed good contacts with other business people. Met one of my facebook friend swaathiha from cbe.  Nice meeting her.She was such a sweet girl. Had a nice exposure. Came to know abt the other business magnets of cbe.  Thanks to the almighty for having had a real good time there today. Hope to participate in many such events in future.

Last, but not the least, a memorable exhibit too!!