Rainy Scribblings

Rains in those days means school leave and we would have a gala time making paper
boats and njoy seeing it float in the water. That too watching rains after a long time
makes me feel more happier. Gave a great feeling roaming in streets of parrys
in perumal mudali st, narayana mudali street, kasi chetty street…inspite of the
road’s condition.. Whatever discomfort it may give, i just feel more on its positive
side. Gazing at rains with a cup of tea near the window sill.. Also, the terrace
gives a great feel watching n playing in rains..So nice to watch a spell of rains in
chennai!! Gazing at rains brings out the words within us in the form of a poem.
A lovely feel… Being a chennaite, we have seen only heat and rains. Have not got the
pinch of any other climate feel! So, we feel great when we see these kinds of heavy
downpours!!So happy to be here at the right time..

Eventhough i live in a different place, love the independent feel i get here
to move wherever i like…




Pic Source: Google