Play with Playdough

Rainy season prevails here… so, going out is restricted….Due to that, final result is this… The thick “A” is done by varun… Others by me… Just a small bounce back with kids crafts/activity… In a slow pace hope to start my crafts back!!! Yippee…. cheers….. Very happy to post this one………play

C u back soon 🙂


Mother’s Day 2017


xmothers-day-sayings-header-800x262.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lWV8apxOorThis time my mom is around in my place to play with my son… So, feeling double happy around at this time…


when i hear the word “mother” it seems to be a simple but magical one…..
When we become one, we start realising our own mom’s sacrificies n a lot of things she did for us to make our life a smooth sail one…
# the little entertainments when we had exams..
# the late night tea cups when we study for our board exams
# the way she explains subject concepts to us..
# behavior to be learnt from home to school.
# how to behave with outside persons
#how to get our name etched at our work place or among a grp
# If she is a working mom, responsibility is too high…
There is no end to her selfless nature… Every woman has a motherly nature which will be shown at a point of time when the situation arises….
I have etched many traits from my mom still taking her traits… learning a lot through the way of life… There are many living n few others who have passed away but each one of them have made a great impact in my life….
I wish all my friends n well wishers a very happy mother’s day in advance… Have a lovable family time peeps this weekend….
Images are taken from the internet.

Away n Returned Back…

When you are away on a trip n returned back to ur place, the soothing lunch one would yearn to have is either of the combo… 1. Vatha kuzhambu n suttapalam 2. ladies finger subji n killi thalichu kotina rasam(My mom’s spl)

In those days, if we go for a trip n come back, the immediate food would be this rasam only n suttapalam..Would taste heavenly… such an easy one.. Very easy to cook..

Today my menu was the latter one.. ladies finger n rasam…i cooked in earthern pot today..

Killi thalichu kotina rasam


Oil-2tbsp Mustard-1/2 tsp Toor dal-1tbsp. chana dal-1 tbsp. 1 or 2 red chillies(as per ur taste) few curry n coriander leaves, Tamarind water – 1 cup. Salt- to taste


1.Take a kadai, add oil-after it gets heated, add mustard.. after spluttering, add a red chilly , curry leaves toor n chana dal.

2. After sauteing for a minute add tamarind water then add tamarind water n salt.

3. Let it boil for 10 mins till the raw smell of tamarind goes.

4. Garnish it with curry n coriander leaves..

5. Ready to serve..

Taste would be heavenly….Do try it folks… C u all soon in next post….








Kids Friendly Health Drink Powder

My first post for this year i believe…………………………….

Health Drink Powder

The recipe is shared from a friend named Varalekshmy Raghavan as she had shared it from another food group…

Kid’s friendly health drink powder… Adults can use it too instead of store bought badam powder..

Recipe as follows:

This is from a food group. Very tastypowder. Instead of buying badam
Milk powder, make this. I suggest panam kalkandu or palm sugar as replacement for sugar for health reasons. Please powder the elachi separately first. adding a tsp (a tbsp if u like) of aniseed powder (perum jeeragam powder) and black pepper pd may add more flavours.
For those of you who have lots of badam at home, and children also, a healthy badam mix which can be made very easily. Recipe from YouTube .
150 gms badam
125 gms sugar/panam karkandu
50 gms milk powder
15 elachi pods
Little saffron.
Soak badam in boiling water and blanch it. Remove the skin and pat dry it. If you have a mv oven, you can dry it for 3 to 4 minutes checking if it is completely dry at 1 min intervals.
Otherwise roast in a pan at low heat till it is dry.
Now put the dried badam in a mixie and powder it. When it is roughly powdered add sugar or palm sugar and powder it still finely. Elachi can be roasted on the tawa and powdered with or without skin.Finally add milk powder and saffron and blend just once. Take in a clean glass bowl, mix everything thoroughly and store it air tight containers. Add a heaped tablespoon to a glass of warm or cold milk, stir well till frothy and drink.
The powder can be stored for 3 months.

My kid loved it.. he started eating just like that……i replaced sugar with panam karkandu.. happy with end result!!!

Dharmalingeswara Mountaintop temple

When we used to go trip via that route, we just see the temple view and just pass on….  But, today we got the opportunity to visit this temple alone and it was worth  the time spending there… The temple name is Dharmalingeswara mountaintop temple.

The darmalinga malai is the Shiva temple on the rock, around 13 km south of Coimbatore.   There are nearly 800 steps to reach the top of the temple.(Source:Wikipedia) Would be a great trek to youngsters… Just enjoyed it to the core.. The temple’s location area name is called Madukarai.

njoyed every moment of it since atmosphere was too cool with the morning breeze… Our kiddo also walked along!!! Climbing up and coming down was a challenging n a thrilling experience!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For ppl who do not know abt the temple, am attaching a video clipping which lasts abt 9mins… hope u enjoy it!!

Dharmalingeswara temple

while returning, we visited a sports outlet named decathlon such a spacious outlet for sports enthusiastic persons.. a normal person would love sports again for running n cycling itself leaving behind other sports, so many varieties of shoes n high end bicycles in a trendy way…. Classic it was….

hope to get ready to run marathons soon which is happening yearly oflate…

PanchaMukha Anjaneyar Temple

Happen to visit the panchamukha anjaneyar temple in vadavalli today…


Above pic sourced from Internet….

A very old temple to say.. They had the goshala maintained neatly.
Also, pratyangira sannidi was also there.. We also feeded the
cows there.. A nice feel to say.. Visited a friend’s place in
vadavalli and then went to temple along with my parents… it
was a satisfying one!!!

For more details on the temple, am attaching a link here so that
you can know more abt the temple!!

Also, visited another temple nearby. The temple name is
“SelvaGanapathy Bhuvaneshwari Amman temple”. This temple also
had goshala. opposite side of that temple there is a saraswathi
temple.Next to koothanur, this temple only gives darshan of
goddess saraswathi alone.. A calm, divine n serene temple.
These both temple kumbabishekam is going to happen on May 20th,
2016(Friday). It would be a grand one, i believe!! Lovely temples..
Feel very happy!!

The above both temples are nearby anjaneyar temple.

C u soon with another interesting one!!!!





Being a crafty personality for these many years did not matter
at all.But after my personal life had an promotion, my crafty sense
took a back seat. Even though its normal to everyone, my mind
does not takes it. Atleast, once in a while its searching to do
crafty things.. My fav. companion at present is books…
but my heart is not obeying at all… Oflate, my mind is not
going for crochet also..Searching continues for a better much
good option to satisy my temporary crafty needs!!!

Oflate, with whatever small things i notice, my mind starts
thinking what crafty thing can be done with it!!Sigh 😦
cant do anything at the moment.. My priorities have become
different now… Searching how to make my son sit for atleast
10 mins… he has just started scribbling in books n floor…

Simulataneously, searching for his age related crafts tooo in google..
but yet to catch the apt things…

Enjoying n getting exhausted seeing his active personality.. hw
can a child be active throughout… Just a learning phase…

Making all other things aside, just playing with him gives a calm

Just came to knw that this was the first blogsite i registered 7 yrs
ago… happy that am back in the stream again…

See you all in next post soon………………