Chit-Chat with Radhika

Thanks a lot @Radhika K narasimhan for sharing my travel related talks in your travel blog… had a refreshing talk with u.. Rewinding those always give me pleasant memories… ❤

She is a writer who keeps writing more on travel… Do check out the link n share your views folks… thank you 🙂



Emotional Wellbeing



Love to say “Writing” is the best therapy when you are not yourself.

It just comes as a flow at this time only… You might be out of focus due to various external  factors n it may haunt you for a longer time… but you have to keep ur mind check on focus n u need to be yourself at the earliest.. It is the best choice…

How to get back to your focus to the earliest… What are the ways… this is the
tough one I would say but all for good only!!

Think of good times n happenings with your family members, friends n lots of positive things which happen around!! Keep murumuring to yourself that all will be well soon…Cheer up girl 🙂

Everything in this world is temporary and for a short time… so, live life n enjoy it to the extent you can!!! Do not take anything to mind which makes you disturb your routine!!!

Keep loving yourself more to the extent that it makes you normal self very soon!!



A Small Rewind

A Small Rewind….#Loneliness

There is a saying that do not forget your past….


One of the thing I am not able to forget about the past is I got a lot of “ME” time..
But now, it’s exactly opposite… Infact, I love the “me” time of my past…

Anyway, am feeling totally happy now….

For people who get most of their time, can try on their interesting hobby lines..
Reading, gardening, different kinds of craft work, nature love, travel, walking, fitness, music, drawing etc…

Those times, I would not have any one to share with things since I felt was so different….


I took craft work in my hand to spend my time….Infact,  I felt that was very satisfactory at that time…can speak through your creativity……

Now, have ppl to talk with n a non stop chatter box with my son….he loves to talk a lot… Started to accept ppl as they are n started enjoying each n every growing
stage of my son!!

Goodluck n cheers to everyone!!! njoy your time…. this stage shall pass soon too!!

#emotionalwellbeing  #healing  #healthy


Dussehra 2015 Feast

This time did not keep golu but instead concentrated on the delicacies to be made each day in morning and evening!!! So happy that i was able to make it up doing all these this time!! Feeling good… Just a collage of what i did these days… One sweet in the morning n sundal in evening 🙂



  1. Semiya payasam
  2. pattani sundal
  3. dates payasam
  4. rava payasam
  5. kondakadalai sundal
  6. parupu payasam
  7. dry fruits laddu
  8. payatham parupu sundal
  9. poha kesari
  10. pachai payaru sundal
  11. chana dal sundal
  12. groundnut sundal
  13. arisi thengai payasam

Few sweet recipes taken from jeyashri’s kitchen… All turned out well… We liked it very much… Finally, dussehra nearing the end!!! Happy saraswathi pooja to everyone!! hope all are having a great time!!

Enjoy n have a great time folks… c u in next post!!!