My forgotten DIY simple craftworks-Paper cover n Recycling

My business page “Blessed Creation”  got evolved due to my varied interests in the beginning: To start with cross/straight stitch n fashion jewelry.. As time revolved, i just got interest into crochet so much.. started learning myself out of the love for yarn which i have.. Got the basics from my grandma.. Slowly started learning with time.. Then came up forgotten few simple crafts like paper cover, recycling which am really interested in..When i saw the paper cover post in a blog today of Shantha Pai’s  went into a flashback of when i saw the paper cover first.. I saw the first paper cover in 2010 -few years back when we went on a trip to Kodaikanal. I have attached a pic too…Lovely memories of that time!


Recycled before n after pics-A holder…

new yr card

new yr card – Recycled one glued to a carton


Paper cover done by me

Paper cover in kodai

Paper cover i saw in kodai

Asample paper cover done by me… The recycling also i was quiet interested in.. My recent recyling works done.. A start up project.. hope to play with better colors hereafter. I used to collect cartons in my school days- attractive ones out of curiosity. After i started doing cross stitch, i used to glue few of my works to simple cartons and use it in a better way.. Slowly am back into DIY projects for fun in paper cover making and recycling for personal use.. Just search yourself in you and your imagination have no limits for the colorful play with all the stuff in you. Love to play with colors too.. i think am in the right track- Playing with colors appropriately in respective areas. am so happy to be in this line… Watching n Handling colors in various forms…

Love the way this post has taken shape..So happy to be filled with various interests so that i can spend my time in a perfect way!!

P.N: Except for the last pic taken in kodai… all the other 3 pic works are done by me!!!