Home Made Sambar Powder

This recipe for me was the need of the hour. I do not mind posting it first eventhough after a long break am into writing recipes. I came across few variations in preparing this. Also, this is the firstever time am trying this recipe myself at home!! Here comes my variation of ingredients….

1/4 kg -Red chillies Long or stout ones
1/2 kg – dhaniya(coriander seeds)
1 big spoon-thuvaram paruppu(toor dal), kadalai paruppu(chana dal)
1 tsp- urad dal
50 grm – milagu(black whole pepper)
100gm-Turmeric Stalks (Virali Manjal)
The above said items can be made dried under sun for few long hrs and can be ground it in a flour mill
we can dry roast all the above items except turmeric and then can be grinded in a mixie.

Sambar Powder

We can use this easily for 3-4 months for 2 members on a daily basis!!!

Hope to come up with much more interesting recipes soon… Thank you 🙂