Crocheted Frame

For a change i did a crochet frame something different from the usual ones…

Frame SPLHope u enjoy n see you all in next post.. Thank you 🙂


Temple Trip – Avinashi n Tirupur

Early morning 6 – 6.15 AM we started to tirupur around 6 AM and it was around 56 km from peelamedu,  coimbatore. We reached around 7.30 there. At first, we visited perumal temple which is so famous there. The uniqueness of the temple is no hundials, no money collections anywhere inside the temple. No archanas done too!! The attention given to one and only “PERUMAL”. Moreover the temple is maintained very well in a systematic way!! The temple is under private people’s maintenance..

Tirupur Venkatachalapathy "Perumal" Temple

Tirupur Venkatachalapathy “Perumal” Temple

then we visited a small guruvayoorappan temple nearby perumal temple.Including perumal, 10 avatars of his statues were seen. : Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki are the avatars of perumal.


Guruvayoorappan temple


Avinashalingam temple first entrance gopuram

Then we visited avinashi.The famous temple over there is siva temple in the name of “Avinashalingeswarar n karunambigai” – A very famous temple in that place! To know more about avinashi temple, check out the link


Side gopuram for thaayar “Karunaambigai”

At the entrance of Avinashalingam temple

At the entrance of Avinashalingam temple









Finally, we visited a small temple chenniandavar(Lord Murugan) temple at karumathampatti-Viraalikaadu.

Chenniandavar temple(Lord Murugan)

Chenniandavar temple(Lord Murugan)

Then we returned home back by 10.30 am. We all had good darshan at all the above temples!

A Determined Soul

Pic courtesy:Google

Pic courtesy:Google

On the edge of a seashore,

A man silently watching the tides,
In a deep thinking
About his Life.

In a way enjoying his every minute,
Small small twists n turns,
which keeps him active throughout!

Sees a positive world around
whatever the situation may be!
Everyone around admire him,

Just so determined that
he does not get distracted.
People come n go,
but nothing disturbs/distracts.
So engrossed he is.

People stare/ talk about,
He stands still.
People wonder how he can be in this state?
What makes him to be in this state of mind?
They disperse thinking/talking various things…..

Can a common man attain this state of mind?