As an volunteer, my next post abt them….

Aham Bhumika is an NGO based in bhopal does various craft work like emrboidery, quilt, sling bags n much more… you can refer my old post  https://blescreation.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/embroidery-initiative-by-aham-bhumikango/… this link is abt the activities they undertake by the rural ppl n students. Through the sale of this, they are trying to strive for a decent living…

They also run a rural pre school.. They are in immediate need of funds.. So friends kindly contribute if you are interested in helping those little kids who have just started their studies.. Do consider in doing a fruitful help folks…

am furnishing the details given as given in their blog.. am just helping out to have a wider reach for their NGO and their soulful kids…

Dear Friends, the rural pre-school of Aham Bhumika situated in a village namely Borda, Kolar Road, Bhopal is facing the crisis of fund. In spite of a lot of efforts till date we are looking for the favour of any corporate to fund our on going  rural pre-school. till date we are running this school with the support of individuals who have contributed generously.
At the moment we have 40 rural children from the underprivileged category.To meet out the expenditure of pre-school we need Rs.14,000 per month. With this post we request you all to contribute whatever amount you can contribute to keep continue this initiative.
Below is the banking profile of Aham Bhumika to contribute.
All donations are tax exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax of India.

Online bank transfer/ Cheque payments can be done using following information:

A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha , 
SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874
IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, 
Please send us an email to our e-mail id  –> ahambhumika@gmail.com with the following information:
Name,  address , donation amount ,PAN number and Contact number.
Posted below are the few recent pictures of our rural pre-school .





The pictures and the details furnished are as given in their blog… Any doubts, you can mail to ahambhumika@gmail.com. Thank you 🙂


First bday celebrations 2015



Adoption  was legally registered today.. So, we celebrated today in the same trust from where we took the baby.. All  felt very happy 🙂 the cake was black forest 2 kg cake… more of cake pics n other pics taken at day care with other cute babies.. Indeed, we had a splendid day!!!





Day care center-karna prayag



Day care center-1




As a volunteer, this is just a small bit of help for AHAM BHUMIKA to reach a
wider range of people who will be able to support the rural people
of Bhopal in the long time run.

“Aham Bhumika” – NGO a group of like minded people based in bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in India. The diverse group consists of artists, housewives, engineers, tourist guides, teachers and government employees. Striving for betterment of the underprivileged in rural areas of india.

MISSION: Their mission is to help the underprivileged children, destitutes and orphans by involving generous people from the cities by collecting old clothes, bicycles, toys, newspapers etc., for those people. Also, they request them to donate grain for “GRAIN BANK”

An NGO based in bhopal, specialised in the art called “Gond Art”. It’s a lovely art. The rural people in and around bhopal undertake the workshop to learn the art and they excel in this art. Everyone have a great interest and learn this art enthusiastically.

Gond Art of a rural boy

Gond Art by a rural boy

“Gond Art” by another boy

The ladies of this group do embroidery also. They are not only
specialised in cushion cover embroidery and do lots more kinds too!

rural ladies

rural ladies


cushion cover

cushion cover

Another cushion cover

Another cushion cover

They also have different kinds of activities through which we can show
our support.

1.Cloth Collection
2.Toys Collection
4.Health Camps
5.Grain School -It’s a learning/literacy campaign where the basic education is
imparted to people for their betterment of living!
6. Computers
9. utensils
10. Imparting knowledge on skills
11. Financial contributions.

They also do sale of cushion covers. If we are interested, we can buy those cushion covers and show them our support!!

Its not that you can volunteer only through in person, you can assist them through social networking sites also,through retweets, sharing facebook posts to various  friends and other shopping groups- do check out more details for that in http://ahambhumika.org/about-us.html

Their Facebook page link is https://www.facebook.com/ahambhumika
Twitter id is @Ahambhumika to support them

Contact details: ahambhumika@gmail.com

Their registered office is in bhopal. In Delhi and Dubai also, there are people
who are connected with this NGo. For their contact ids, you can check their
link http://ahambhumika.org/about-us.html

HAPPY DONATING AND SUPPORTING to bring a smile in an unknown face!

Copyrights of Pics for @Aham Bhumika only..



Teaching spoken english to Korean students


A Different Experience for the first time:
Teaching spoken english to Korean students

Happy to kickstart to teach in cbe this way!! Hope to continue and utilise the teaching opportunitiesimages
which come on my way…..  I taught to 2 korean students(Brother n Sister)
in my neighborhood.  Their names were:
Seo yeon beak
Young un baek
Their mother calls them as seo and young… Was not able to understand their language but still it was fun listening them to speak in korean language.

The first point was we need to speak in english very slow to them.
Else, they find it difficult to grasp. At the start, they were quite reluctant to talk
in english. But, as days went by – they took it up in their pace and
they handled it better. Also, framing the day’s portion seem to be challenging for me since they were not that conversant in english. I made them to talk btw
them including me. Felt it as quite tough. But, i enjoyed doing it since it
is a learning curve for me also. I am enjoying it on a daily basis since i feel
more happier when i see their small fights which takes back to my cute
fights with my sister during our school days!!

Had a great finish… Spent time usefully by teaching them for a month!!
They improved a lot in a month’s time.. Hope they can improve much more in due course of time…
Njoyed teaching them!!