Diwali 2017-Festival beyond…….




candleThis is a festival celebrated by all beyond caste, creed or religion… This shows our country’s diversified nature..

“Diwali” – festival  is known as “Festival of Lights”… In north, people would light lamps would be grand looking the house full of lamps lit… And in evening, they would do Lakshmi pooja…. And I had been a great witness to the celebration in north india at the time of Diwali….. my golden days of 2007…
Moreover, there are many aspects on why this festival is celebrated in a grand way by all the hindus across the globe…
Diwali in religious sense is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains for different reasons. Let me put forth few of the reasons based on each religion. First if we take Hinduism there are about ten interpretations on the history of Diwali. However most of the interpretations have its roots on God Vishnu, his avatars and Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hinduism Lord Vishnu is the God who protects. As per Hindu scriptures he has taken ten avatars to protect this earth namely (let me use simple terms for everyone’s understanding) fish, tortoise, boar, half human half lion, dwarf(vamana), Parasurama (angry sage with axe), Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.
Let me state a few important historical interpretations of deepavali on the perspective of Hindu mythology.
1.Diwali is considered the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana.
2.Diwali is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna killed Narakasura who was the king of the demons or asuras.
3.Third interpretation is this day was celebrated as the day where Vishnu in vamana avatar helped Goddess Lakshmi from being a prisoner. This may be one of the reason why Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped during diwali.
4.Fourth interpretation is on this auspicious day Pandavas returned back home after being banished by gauravas.
Apart from Hinduism this day is celebrated as the day in which King Vikramaditya known to be one of the greatest kings in Indian history was crowned to rule our land. Sikhs celebrate this day because it was on this day of festival the first stone of golden temple was laid, moreover on this day the famous sikh guru Harogobind got released from imprisonment. Jains celebrate this day that marks the achievement of nirvana by Mahavir.
Diwali traditions based on religions
Now that we know how diwali came into existence we shall see how Indians celebrate diwali. Diwali is known to be celebrated for around two to four days in most parts of India especially in south. Wheres in north India there is continuous festivity for around five days. Deepavali in south India mostly includes two important celebrations one is deepavali and second is lakshmi puja. The first day i.e., deepavali includes usual festival celebrations which we would see below and the second day i.e., lakshmi puja is puja to goddess of wealth with fasting and prayers. In north diwali is celebrated elaborately for five days each day has its own significance. The first day is called Danteras (worship for wealth to goddess Lakshmi, second day is small (choti) diwali ( marks lord Krishna killing narakasura), third day is Bigger diwali (emphasizing lord Rama killing Ravan), fourth day is Govardhan pooja, fifth is karthika(lighting lamps). Each of these celebration involves prayers, sacrificing food to God, flower and deepa adorations to God.

Sikh celebrate Diwali as Bandi chhorarh divas as a day where guru Harogobind was released from prison and also as the day of commencement of building golden temple in Amristar. On this auspicious day Sikhs would get together to get the blessings of Guru at the temple. Amristar golden temple would be filled by devotees on this day. This days marks significance for Jains for they consider Mahavir to have attained the supreme state called as Nirvana. During Diwali Jains have midnight prayer that extends till day time and they worship earnestly reading the Jain scriptures. These type of Jain diwali celebrations can be witnessed in Gujarat. It is said that Buddists too celebrate diwali as a day where king Ashoka became a buddist. It is important to mention that crackers and fireworks during diwali is quite common to all irrespective of religion.

Source: Internet

Apart from the stories n religions behind Diwali, in south the general things which we follow are getting up very early in the morning, take oil bath, wear new dress n crack the crackers for the whole day… would be of so much fun those days… It continues for the children/kids these days too n having a yummmmmmmmy feast with so many sweeets n savouries….. there were lot of family get togethers during this time only… we would meet lots of ppl-our relatives n friends


got from store…



Made by me few yrs back….


We would loooooooong for the festival to come those days..Waiting for the yummy feast since those days all made homemade bhakshanams….
Unforgettable those days were… Thnks to my parents n the whole family for making my golden days a great one!!
P.N:All the pics posted here are mine collected during craft time n festival season… thnk u 🙂



Dharmalingeswara Mountaintop temple

When we used to go trip via that route, we just see the temple view and just pass on….  But, today we got the opportunity to visit this temple alone and it was worth  the time spending there… The temple name is Dharmalingeswara mountaintop temple.

The darmalinga malai is the Shiva temple on the rock, around 13 km south of Coimbatore.   There are nearly 800 steps to reach the top of the temple.(Source:Wikipedia) Would be a great trek to youngsters… Just enjoyed it to the core.. The temple’s location area name is called Madukarai.

njoyed every moment of it since atmosphere was too cool with the morning breeze… Our kiddo also walked along!!! Climbing up and coming down was a challenging n a thrilling experience!!

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For ppl who do not know abt the temple, am attaching a video clipping which lasts abt 9mins… hope u enjoy it!!

Dharmalingeswara temple

while returning, we visited a sports outlet named decathlon such a spacious outlet for sports enthusiastic persons.. a normal person would love sports again for running n cycling itself leaving behind other sports, so many varieties of shoes n high end bicycles in a trendy way…. Classic it was….

hope to get ready to run marathons soon which is happening yearly oflate…

PanchaMukha Anjaneyar Temple

Happen to visit the panchamukha anjaneyar temple in vadavalli today…


Above pic sourced from Internet….

A very old temple to say.. They had the goshala maintained neatly.
Also, pratyangira sannidi was also there.. We also feeded the
cows there.. A nice feel to say.. Visited a friend’s place in
vadavalli and then went to temple along with my parents… it
was a satisfying one!!!

For more details on the temple, am attaching a link here so that
you can know more abt the temple!!


Also, visited another temple nearby. The temple name is
“SelvaGanapathy Bhuvaneshwari Amman temple”. This temple also
had goshala. opposite side of that temple there is a saraswathi
temple.Next to koothanur, this temple only gives darshan of
goddess saraswathi alone.. A calm, divine n serene temple.
These both temple kumbabishekam is going to happen on May 20th,
2016(Friday). It would be a grand one, i believe!! Lovely temples..
Feel very happy!!

The above both temples are nearby anjaneyar temple.

C u soon with another interesting one!!!!

Short Temple Trip

Back from a short temple trip.

1.Town hall-Koniamman temple
2.Race course – Saradambal temple
3.Puliyakulam-Pillayar temple

Started around 5.15 pm from peelamedu…first visited koni amman temple.. After so many yrs visited this temple.. Felt very calm n warm in the temple..Then next saradambal temple..This temple was so clean n perfect.. Saradambal looked so beautiful.. just fell in love with her.. Also, the adi sankarar sannithi was very nice!! Then, finally to pillayar temple.. Here, the idol of vinayak was carved in single stone and asia’s largest vinayak.. 19 inches height vinayak it was!! Did not feel to take the eyes from vinayak… Had a lovely darshan in all the temples without crowd!!!

Also, the cab driver was playing 80’s n 90’s old hindi songs which i enjoyed so much… After a long time, heard those songs… Nazar ke saamne, then, raja ko rani se pyar ho gaya… from baazigar and so on… Felt very happy!!!

Returned back by 7.30 pm.. In short, a memorable trip it was!!!

Pic courtesy: Google

ShreeVidhya Raghu's photo.

Puliakulam pillayar

Double Celebrations

Sep 5 2015 -Krishna Jayanthi/Janmashtami…  I made uppu seedai and kesari for this year festival..

Entrance kolam

Entrance kolam

The above pic-kolam was put by our house help..

foot steps of varun

foot steps of varun

Then, above foot steps is of our son varun which we treated as krishna steps since he is our house cute krishna..

After pooja with all neivedyam

After pooja with all neivedyam

Then,in above pic except for kesari and only seedai bowl kept near the array of delicacies- others are store bought..

Hope all are having a blast.. Happy janmashtami to everyone!!

Sep 4, 2015:

The Story of Guruvayur trip from Coimbatore

Below pic source: Google


Guruvayur krishna.

Guruvayur krishna.

Since it was our son’s first star bday we started early morning 6 am today and we reached there by 10 am due to the needs of our kiddo in the middle.. we gave thulabaram-equal amt of sugar to his weight. It was a nice experience.  We missed to take pics since we did not know the rules n regulations of the temple. No regrets. we thought can make it up next time when we go with our kiddo. To our surprise, he did not cry while sitting in tharasu/weighing seat..

Then, we came out from that line and started waiting in the line to have darshan of our lord cute krishna… In the outside queue, we waited for almost an hr.. in btw, varun felt asleep. after we went inside, we waited there for about 10 minutes… meanwhile, i started observing around – bananas, coconuts, yellow pumpking were lying around more. Also, they were playing music in nadaswaram n molam.. Was giving ear to it whether i was able to find out the song they were playing… Luckily, before we entered the sanctorum of Lord, he was playing “Aadathu asangathu”.. Felt happy that i was able to identify the song!!have given the link of the song below.

This song is apt for today since its krishna jayanthi

classical song

When we entered the sanctorum, cute krishna was dressed in golden color dress… It was beautiful to watch even though it remained for just few secs.. Luckily varun slept till we came out of the temple.. Then, as usual a small shopping in the line of shops sprung outside. We ate and then to the place which we liked the most as usual to elephant sanctuary… clicked a few pics there..

The main part comes here… We were supposed to meet a friend of raghu in palakkad. When that person called, we had been inside the temple and so, raghu’s mobile was switched off.. When we started back from guruvayur, raghu called him many times to know the shortest route to their place from guruvayur…But that fellow was not reachable… By that time, we had reached beyond thrissur, he took the mobile and told the proper route.. From ottapalam to patthiripala and then 2 kms from there. By that time we had reached mannuthy.so, we turned around and it took around 3hrs to reach ottapalam.. Just waste of time… but anyways, we met the person… No regrets!!!

The actual route from guruvayur to palakkad is no need to enter thrissur… from guruvayur we need to catch the road which goes to pattambi and from there to palakkad… Time taken will be one and half hrs..

This trip was an absolute learning lesson for us.. Helped to know the proper route in parts of kerala and the few names of the places in kerala.. The new names were surprising and at times funny too since it took few mins to get hold of the name!!

We returned home around 9pm back to cbe…

On the whole it was a memorable journey also.Even though no temple pics, few pics taken at places made it more memorable!!!

Hope you all enjoyed reading… Thank you 🙂




Temple Trip – Avinashi n Tirupur

Early morning 6 – 6.15 AM we started to tirupur around 6 AM and it was around 56 km from peelamedu,  coimbatore. We reached around 7.30 there. At first, we visited perumal temple which is so famous there. The uniqueness of the temple is no hundials, no money collections anywhere inside the temple. No archanas done too!! The attention given to one and only “PERUMAL”. Moreover the temple is maintained very well in a systematic way!! The temple is under private people’s maintenance..

Tirupur Venkatachalapathy "Perumal" Temple

Tirupur Venkatachalapathy “Perumal” Temple

then we visited a small guruvayoorappan temple nearby perumal temple.Including perumal, 10 avatars of his statues were seen. : Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki are the avatars of perumal.


Guruvayoorappan temple


Avinashalingam temple first entrance gopuram

Then we visited avinashi.The famous temple over there is siva temple in the name of “Avinashalingeswarar n karunambigai” – A very famous temple in that place! To know more about avinashi temple, check out the link http://tiruppur.nic.in/avinashitemplephoto.html


Side gopuram for thaayar “Karunaambigai”

At the entrance of Avinashalingam temple

At the entrance of Avinashalingam temple









Finally, we visited a small temple chenniandavar(Lord Murugan) temple at karumathampatti-Viraalikaadu.

Chenniandavar temple(Lord Murugan)

Chenniandavar temple(Lord Murugan)

Then we returned home back by 10.30 am. We all had good darshan at all the above temples!

Visit to Thrissur/Guruvayoor/Elephants Sanctuary

My 50th post abt Travel……  Happy about it!!

We started around 5.15 am from peelamedu coimbatore. As usual the way was filled with awesome greenery on both sides. It was a pleasure watching the nature.


Enroute palakkad

Enroute palakkad

Enroute palakkad

Reached vadakunnathan temple by 8.40 am. Had a great darshan. First time, we saw a temple in such a vast place.. Very happy to see such a place!! It’s a shiva temple. Lord shiva is worshipped in the form of lord nagaraja/serpent. It was great to watch the serpent in a great height.

Inside view of one side of the temple

Inside view of one side of the temple

Vadakkunnathan temple

Vadakkunnathan temple


Then, we visited “Paramekkavu Bagavathy Amman temple”. Had a good darshan!

Paramekkavu bagavathy temple, thrissur

Paramekkavu bagavathy temple, thrissur

Next, we visited guruvayoor krishna temple. Due to uccha kala pooja, we were held up in the queue for 45 mins. Had a nice darshan inspite of the crowd. Had a great time.

Guruvayoor temple

Guruvayoor temple

Then nearby 3 kms, we visited elephant’s sanctuary. We spent just half an hour over there.. But, it was worth it!! Had great fun too… it was worthwhile watching the elephants eating food.. There were too many aged elephants and their legs were tied in iron chain…It is a great task maintaining so many elephants!! We need to watch it from a distance and that too we should not stare at them for a long time. I love elephants, so went for it. Since i could not see those creatures chained, could not see it for a long time…..

Elephants in the sanctuary

Elephants in the sanctuary

Lovable Elephant

Lovable Elephant


Finally, we reached back around our place by 8pm satisfied. A very good day it was!!!