A Small Rewind

A Small Rewind….#Loneliness

There is a saying that do not forget your past….


One of the thing I am not able to forget about the past is I got a lot of “ME” time..
But now, it’s exactly opposite… Infact, I love the “me” time of my past…

Anyway, am feeling totally happy now….

For people who get most of their time, can try on their interesting hobby lines..
Reading, gardening, different kinds of craft work, nature love, travel, walking, fitness, music, drawing etc…

Those times, I would not have any one to share with things since I felt was so different….


I took craft work in my hand to spend my time….Infact,  I felt that was very satisfactory at that time…can speak through your creativity……

Now, have ppl to talk with n a non stop chatter box with my son….he loves to talk a lot… Started to accept ppl as they are n started enjoying each n every growing
stage of my son!!

Goodluck n cheers to everyone!!! njoy your time…. this stage shall pass soon too!!

#emotionalwellbeing  #healing  #healthy



Ngo-“Aham Bhumika”

Apart from the various embroidery works they do, they have introduced various categories too like tote bags, waist coats, clutches  and new designs too.   Regd the earlier embroidery works,  you can refer to the link https://blescreation.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/embroidery-initiative-by-aham-bhumikango/

To know more about the ngo, u can search in the category “NGO” here….

Some of the updated products designs am posting here.. If interested to own or buy them, kindly mail ahambhumika@gmail.com

If interested in donating in cash or kind also, you can enquire to them through mail..Also, you can follow them through their facebook/twitter page..


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahambhumika/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf&qsefr=1

Hope you can get the details about the ngo through links n details provided. If you can, do your bit and help a person to make a decent living!!!


PS:Copyright of pics owned by the ngo “Aham Bhumika”